MDMP CA Analysis

  1. what are the 7 steps to mdmp
    • 1. receipt of the mission
    • 2. mission analysis
    • 3. COA development
    • 4. coa analysis
    • 5. coa comparison
    • 6. coa approval
    • 7. orders production
  2. Cdrs use moe to ___________
    • -monitor the course of an operation
    • -allocate resources
    • -determine when to transition to next phase
    • -determine whether to alter or terminate an operation
    • (MADD)
  3. the cmo annex serves three primary purposes
    • 1.sit. para provides operational details on the sit. from a cmo perspective
    • 2. the execution para and matrix provide the direction needed to focus the effects of the cmo elements
    • 3. the assessment matrix displays the info needed to assess cmo tasks
  4. what are the paragraphs to cmo estimates?
    • -mission
    • -situation and consideration
    • -coa
    • -coa analysis
    • -coa comparison
    • -recommendation and conlcusion
    • (MSC3R)
  5. what are the sub paragraphs to the situation and consideration paragraph?
    • -characteristic of the ao
    • -enemy forces
    • -friendlyforces
    • -assumptions
    • (FACE)
  6. who directs the action of the staff during wargaming?
    chief of staff or the XO
  7. Statement known as data is
  8. during which phase
  9. the mdmp helps leaders apply ______________________________
    thoroughness, clarity, sound judgement, logic, and professional knowledge to understand situations, develop options to solve problems and reach decisions

    FM 5-0 Ops Process APP B
  10. In receipt of the mission process, which section alerts the staff
    Operations Section
  11. CMO/CA role in receipt of mission is_______________________________
    • update the CMO estimate to include
    • -area studies
    • -ca assessments
    • -ca reports
    • -intel reports
    • -SITREPS

    (focus of estimate development is on situation assessment-ASCOPE,PMESII-PT)
  12. cmo available assets may include
    • -military elements both organic and inorganic
    • -ca elements, egineers, mp, miso, medical assets
    • -other govt agencies, ipi, igo's or ngo's
  13. who is responible for developing COA's? what are the screening criteria?

    -Feasible, acceptable, suitable, distinguishable, complete
  14. coa analysis, also known as _____ _________, considers _______________
    -war gaming

    -friendly disposition, enemy assets, proble coa's and characteristics of the ao
  15. the cos/xo are responsible for coordinating the actions of the staff during this phase
    step 4 coa analysis
  16. what step of mdmp considers friendly disposition, enemy assets, probable coa's and characteristics of the ao
    coa analysis
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