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  1. What genus does a catalase rxn identify?

    Staph vs strep
  2. What is a positive catalase rxn and what genus is it?
    • Bubbles
    • Staph
  3. Why does an organism have catalase?
    To neutralize txic forms of O2
  4. What organism does a coagulase rxn identify?
    Pathogenic( S. aureus) vs. Nonpathogenic staphylococci
  5. What ia a positive coagulase rxn?
    Clotting in rabbit plasma(S. aureus)
  6. What is coagulases benefit to bacteria?
    An organism is encased in a clot that helps it avoid phagocytosis
  7. What is a positive result for starch hydrolysis?
    An organism with a halo around it on the media
  8. What enzyme is used in statch hydrolysis?
  9. What reagent is used in starch hydrolysis?
  10. What organism was used in the starch hydrolysis experiment?
    B. subtilis
  11. What were the urea experiment results?
    • Orange: neg.
    • Hot pink: pos.
  12. What was the chemical reaction that happened in the urea experiment?
  13. What enzyme did the urea experiment utilize?
  14. What organism was used in the urea experiment?
    P. vulgaris
  15. What were the results for the TTC motility test?
    • All purple: true motility
    • Purple by stab only: Brownian movement
  16. What organisms were used in the TTC motility experiment?
    • E. coli: true motility
    • K. pneumoniae: Brownian movement
  17. What is deanimation?
    An amine group (NH2) on a molecule removed and an amino acid is degraded
  18. What were the results for the deanimation experiment?
    Presence of black in the slant media was pos.
  19. What is decarboxylation?
    Removing the carboxal group from the amino acid
  20. What is Bromcresol?
    A pH indicator
  21. What were the results for the decarboxylation experiment?
    • Purple: 6.8> alkaline
    • Yellow: 5.2< acidic
  22. What were the results for the SIM experiment?
    • Yellow: tryptophan breakdown=indole production
    • Black: reducion of sulfur (H2S)
    • Turbidness: true or brownian movement
  23. What were the results for the Bile esculin test?
    Brown/black color in over half of the medium was positive for esculin hydrolyzation
  24. What genus does the Bile esculin experiment identify?
    Group D strep
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