Vocab - Group 3

  1. Aberrant (adj)
    Deviating from the norm
  2. Ambiguous (adj)
    Unclear; open to more than one potential meaning
  3. Anachronistic (adj)
    Belongining to another time; removed from natural chronologial context
  4. Anomalous (adj)
    Abnormal; Deviating from the common or general type
  5. Anomaly (noun)
    Deviation from the normal order, form, or rule; abnormality
  6. Archaic (adj)
    Outdated; associated with an earlier, perhaps more primitive time.
  7. Ascetic (noun)
    One who practices rigid self-denial esp. as an act of religious devotion
  8. Banal (adj)
    Lacking originality; commonplace
  9. Brilliance (noun)
    extreme brightness; possessing luminosity or genius
  10. Camouflage (noun)
    A meaning of disguising people ot things to make them blend in with their surroundings
  11. Commensurate (adj)
    Matching; correspending or proportionate in degree, size, or amount
  12. Conspicuous (adj)
    Easily visiable; obvious
  13. Derivative (adj)
    Unoriginal; obtained from another source
  14. Deviance (noun)
    state or quality of differing from the accepted norm; abonormality
  15. Deviation (noun)
    Departure or wandering away from the accepted standard
  16. Discrete (adj)
    Distinct; individual
  17. Diffuse (adj)
    Disperse or scarttered; not centralized
  18. Digress (verb)
    To stray from the point; to go off on a tangent
  19. Discordant (adj)
    Conflicting; dissonant or harsh in sound
  20. Disinterest (noun)
    Lack of bias or involvment; impartiality
  21. Disinterested (adj)
    Uninvolved; free from self-interest
  22. Dispersed (verb)
    Spread out or scattard
  23. Distention (noun)
    The state or act of extending or being swollen out of shape
  24. Eccentric (adj)
    Departing from norms or converntions
  25. Eclectic (adj)
    Culled from many sources
  26. Emulate (verb)
    To imitate with the goal of rivaling or surpassing
  27. Enigmatic (adj)
    Mysterious; obscure; difficult to understand
  28. Esoteric (adj)
    Instnded for or understood by a small, specific group
  29. Flamboyant (adj)
    Ostentatious or showy; flashy
  30. Florid (adj)
    Flowery; ruddy; ornate
  31. Heretical (adj)
    Unorthodox; iconoclastic; dissenting from established dogma
  32. Hierarchy (noun)
    A system in which individuals or things are ranked in particular order
  33. Homogenous (adj)
    Made up of elements that are similar in nature or kind; uniform
  34. Iconoclastic (adj)
    Attacking cherished beliefs; heretical; heterodox
  35. Idiosyncrasy (noun)
    A quirk particular to a group or individual
  36. Inperturbable (adj)
    Marked by extreme calm, impassivity, and steadiness
  37. Innocuous (adj)
    harmelss; causing no damage
  38. Maringal (adj)
    Relating to or at an edge or boundary; minimal
  39. Maverick (noun)
    An independent individual who does not go along with a group or party
  40. Mitigate (verb)
    To make or become less severe or intense; to moderate
  41. Monotonous (adj)
    Dull and without variety; tedious
  42. Mundane (adj)
    Of the world; typical of or concerned with the ordinary
  43. Ostracism (noun)
    The act of casting out or excluding an individual from a society of group; banishment
  44. Perennial (adj)
    Reccurent through the year or many years; happening repeatedly
  45. Recluse (noun)
    One who avoids social contact and lives in seclusion
  46. Scarce (adj)
    Rare and insifficient
  47. Sporadic (adj)
    occuring only occasionally, or in scattered instanes
  48. Superflous (adj)
    Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary
  49. Symmetry (noun)
    The quality of being evenly balanced; the possession of perfect correspondence between sides or parts
  50. Tangential (adj)
    Only touching briefly upon the topic at hand; irrelevant
  51. Temper (verb)
    To moderate or soothe
  52. Temperate (adj)
    Moderate; Marked by restraint and a lack of extremes
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