Euro Chapter 14

  1. Antoine du Prat
    • entered his Church at his funeral
    • shows corruption of the Church
  2. Brethren of the Common Life
    • Holland
    • Stark simplicity, helped community, taught in schools, Kempis
  3. Thomas Kempis
    "The Imitation of Christ"
  4. "Oratories of Divine Love"
    Priests work to revive the church through prayer
  5. Pope Julius II's ecumenical council
    Meeting to try to reinvigorate Church's importance
  6. Martin Luther
    • 95 Theses
    • Father of Protestantism
  7. John Staupitz
    Directed Luther to Saint Paul's letters
  8. Archbishop Albert of Magdeburg
    Sold indulgences to repay Fuggers for Archbishopship
  9. John Tetzel
    Mounted indulgence advertising blitz
  10. Diet at Worms
    • Condemned Luther as a heretic
    • Charles V
  11. John Eck
    Catholic who argues with Luther, calls him a Hussite
  12. Consubstantiation
    Bread and Wine go through spiritual change
  13. Transubstantiation
    Actual flesh and body of Christ
  14. Peasant Revolt of 1525
    • Luther turns on peasants that revolt too far.
    • Strengthened rulers and peasant economic conditions
  15. Marriage of Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy (1477)
    Rise of the Habsburgs
  16. Peace of Augsburg
    Officially recognized Lutherism
  17. John Wyclif
    • Shocked at degradation of CHurch in Avignon Captivity
    • Church should focus on Holy Scripture
  18. John Hus
    • Clergy less necessary
    • Are offices needed?
  19. Wittenburg U
    • Founded by Elector Fredrick
    • Philip Melancthon
  20. Fuggers
    • Control of commodities
    • Banking
  21. "Address to the German Nobility"
    • Luther
    • Princes to reform
    • Fewer Festivals
    • Improve Education
  22. "Freedom of Christian Man"
    Christians serve neighbor
  23. Anabaptists
    • Insist on rebaptism
    • Get rid of social distinctions
  24. Zwingli
    • Swiss
    • Takes wife
    • Eucharist is symbolic
  25. John Calvin
    • Geneva
    • "The Institutes of the Christian Religion" (1536)
    • Absolute sovereignty and omnipotence of God=total weakness of man
  26. Predestination
    God decides who would be saved and who damned
  27. "Genevan Catechism" (1541)
    • Q and A
    • Summary of faith
    • Guide for daily living
  28. Genevan Consistory
    Religious government
  29. Lollards
    • Wyclif's followers
    • Individual interpretation of the Bible
  30. WIlliam Tyndale
    English translation of the New Testament
  31. King Henry VIII
    Creates Anglicans
  32. "The Act in Restraint of Appeals" (1534)
    King is Supreme
  33. "The Act for the Submission of the Clergy" (1534)
    Royal permission to pass religious laws
  34. "The Supremacy Act" (1534)
    King is the supreme head of the Curch of England
  35. Thomas Cromwell
  36. Pilgrimage of Grace (1536)
    Pilgrimage (probably of Grace)
  37. Edward VI
    Cranmer prepares first "Book of Common Prayer" (1549)
  38. Mary Tudor
    • Catholic
    • Basically a bitch
  39. Elizabeth
    "Elizabethan Settlement"-Parlimentary legislation of E's early reign-GO TO CHURCH!!!
  40. "Thirty-Nine Articles"
    Basic tenets of Church of England
  41. Mary, Queen of Scots
    Tries to dethrone E, but FAILS
  42. John Knox
    • Presbyterian church of Scotland (aih!)
    • "Book of Common Order" 1564
  43. Gustavus Vasa
    • 1520 Revolt against Denmark
    • Olas Petri-Translates New Testament
  44. Christian III of Denmark
    Sets up secular, Lutherian Church
  45. Clement VII
    Pope interested in art more than disputes
  46. Pope Paul III
    Establishes Inquisition with reformers like Gian Pietro Caraffa
  47. Battle of Pavia (1525)
    Francis I defeated
  48. Council of Trent
    • Catholic reforms
    • Validation to Scriptures
    • Tridentine-bishops need to stay in diocese
    • No Indulgences
  49. "Ursuline order of nuns"
    • Angela Merici
    • Education of Women
    • Combats heresy
  50. "The Society of Jesus"
    • Ignatius Loyola
    • Jesuits
    • "Spiritual Exercises" (1548)-directed individual and will to reform of life
  51. "Index of Prohibited Books"
    • Blacklist
    • Law, classical lit, and math untouched
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