Structures of the eye

  1. anterior cavity
    holds aqueous humor
  2. anterior chamber
    holds aqueous humor
  3. aqueous humor
    refracts light

    helps maintain intraocular pressure
  4. bulbar conjunctiva
    covers the anterior white surface of the eye
  5. canal of Schlemm
    recycles aqueous humor
  6. choroid
    houses the blood vessels
  7. cilliary body
    controls shape of lens
  8. cilliary muscle
    control shape of lens
  9. cilliary process
    produces aqueous humor
  10. cornea
    refracts light
  11. fibrous tunic
    sclera and cornea
  12. inferior oblique
    elevates and and laterally deviates gaze
  13. inferior rectus
    • depresses eye
    • medially deviates gaze
  14. iris
    controls amount of light entering pupil (pupil size)
  15. lacrimal canal
    carries tears to lacrimal sac
  16. lacrimal gland
    produces tears
  17. lacrimal sac
    holds tears produced by the lacrimal gland
  18. lateral rectus
    laterally deviates gaze

    abducts eye
  19. lens
    bends and focuses light onto retina

    refracts light

    changes shape to adjust focal point
  20. levator palpebral superioris
    elevates upper eyelid
  21. medial rectus
    medially deviates gaze

    adducts eye
  22. nervous (sensory) tunic
  23. neural retina
    responds to light
  24. optic nerve
    transmits visual information to the brain
  25. ora serrata
    seperates retina from cilliary body
  26. palpebral conjunctiva
    covers the inner surface of the eyelids
  27. posterior cavity
    holds vitreous humor
  28. posterior chamber
    holds aqueous humor
  29. pupil
    allows light to enter the retina
  30. retina
    where transduction occurs

    contains neurons sensitive to light
  31. cones
    responsible for color vision and visual acuity
  32. rods
    non color vision

    vision under conditions of low light (night vision)
  33. sclera
    maintains shape of eyeball

    provides a site for muscle attachment
  34. superior oblique
    depresses and laterally deviates gaze
  35. superior rectus
    • elevates eye
    • medially deviates gaze
  36. suspensory ligaments
    holds lens in place
  37. vascular tunic
    choroid, cilliary body, iris
  38. vitreous humor
    refracts light

    helps maintain intraocular pressure

    holds the lens and retina in place
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