Lacrimal Apparatus ROUGH DRAFT

  1. Lacrimal gland
    contains cells that produce tears

    tears provide oxygen and nuitrents to the coronea
  2. Lacrimal ducts
    located on the superior lateral part of the eye underneth the palpebral and secret on the conjictiva from the fornix
  3. Lacrimal Lake
    "lake of tears" is a place were tears build up superfically on the the lacrimal caruncle
  4. Lacrimal caruncle
    • soft flesh area that is lateral to the Medial canthus and conatins the Lacrimal puncta
    • usually covered by the lacrimal lake
  5. Lacrimal Puncta
    The two pores on the Lacrimal Caruncle that flow to the Superior and Inferior Canalicucli
  6. Superior/Inferior canalicululi
    two small ducts that drain in to the Lacrimal sac
  7. Lacrimal sac
    area where tears flow down into the nasolacrimal duct
  8. Nasolacrimal sac
    area where tears flow into the inferior meatus into the nasopharngeal area below the inferior cochei
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Lacrimal Apparatus ROUGH DRAFT
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