1. everything is true, except...
    most women loses only 4 to 6 tablespoon of menstrual fluid each month
  2. In a Laparoscopy where will the laparoscpe will be inserted
  3. SATA: pt has cramps, what is the nx intervention
    • Analgesic (ibuprofen)
    • Local application of heat
  4. Write in your own words the difference between infertility and sterility
    • Subfertility
    • Inability to conceive a child w/in 1 year
    • May be due to a single cause in either you or partner, or combination of factors that may prevent a pregnancy from occurring or continuing
    • Sterile means you’re unable to conceive a child at all
    • Infertile is just a challenge
  5. What is the a viral infection usually affecting young
    children, occurs after puberty, inflammation of the testicles can impair sperm production is called
  6. Oral drug that will boost ovulation is called
  7. A sysnthetic prostaglandin, analog that produces cervical effacement and uterine contraction is
  8. SATA: what the tx for habitual abortion?
    • Progesterone to support endometrium
    • Sexual abstinence
    • Light diet
  9. FILL-IN: hormone produced by the pituitary gland, stimulates milk production
  10. uses needle and syringe to obtain sample of suspected tissue
    Aspirational biopsy
  11. The most common causative organism of mastitis is
    staphylococcus aureus
  12. CALCULATION: pt with mastitis given vancomycin. Approx ml/hr?
  13. What aggravates fibrocystic disease. What should pt eliminated in diet?
  14. Fibercystic lesions become larger and more tender at what time during menstrual
    just before menstruation
  15. SATA: what are typical s/s of breast cancer
    • Painless mass in breast, upper oyer quad
    • Bloodly discharge from nipple
    • Dimpling of the skin over the lesion
  16. Put in order: (from A to F) – order of menstrual cycle
    • 1. Ovarian follicle matures
    • 2. Endometrium thickens
    • 3. Ovium releases
    • 4. Corpus luteum forms
    • 5. Progesterone decreases
    • 6. Endometrium sheds
  17. Pt is menopausal/hysterectomy, Breast self exam
    examine on the first of the month
  18. Pelvic exam, nx must first ask pt is she needs to do?
    ask if pt needs to void
  19. Pt has mastectomy, what is plan of care to prevent swelling on operate side?
    keep arms elevated
  20. Pt has breast cancer in her family, when should she start her routinely mammography?
    at age 35
  21. Pt is 22y/o, does not have a period, nx should ask:
    “have you ever had a menstrual cycle?”
  22. Pt scheduled to have a pap smear due to heavy bleeding. What should nx tell pt
    to avoid douching for several days
  23. Pt has left radical mastectomy, what will happen to her arm, nx needs to take BP, what arm should nx use?
    right arm
  24. Pain med, oxycodon, how will you know if it’s working
    pain scale with answer from 0-2
  25. Self breast examination, nx will need pt to
    examine breast with the pads of the finger tips
  26. The following are common signs of infertility, except
    early menarche
  27. Pt is having vaginal bleeding inbetween mens…what data is most significant to you?
    the fact that she is on oral contraceptive for a few months
  28. Pt has mastectomy 8hrs ago, CNA is helping pt. what show that CNA needs further instruction?
    if pt is wearing robe with an elastic cuff
  29. Nx is giving anti-neoplastic drugs, what is the best action for nx to take to prevent accidental absorption?
    wear gloves
  30. Pt is going through menopause, and estrogen deficiency
    hot flashes and feeling warmth are common
  31. Pt has DNC, which response is most appropriate about activity
    avoid heavy work and sexual activity for at least 2 weeks
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