Patterns of Inheritance

  1. Autosomal recessive
    • it is possible for an affected individual to have unaffected parents
    • the trait can skip generations
    • all of the offspring of two affected parents are affected
    • it's expressed equally in males and females
  2. Cystic fibrosis
    • affects different duct systems, primarily the lungs (bronchial tubes), the GI tract,
    • the pancreas, reproductive track (in men)
    • thickened mucus in
    • the lungs results in persistent infections, and is ultimately lethal
    • median life
    • expectancy is 37 years, and increasing
  3. Autosomal Dominant Traits
    • trait does not skip generations.
    • Every affected individual has at least one affected parent.
    • Each sex is affected equally
    • the affected individuals are usually heterozygous, so they pass the trait to about half of their offspring.
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Patterns of Inheritance
Patterns of Inheritance