US History Presidents

  1. James Madison
    "Father of the Constitution"
    • -Domestic affairs took a backseat to foreign affairs
    • -War of 1812
    • -Most successful and possibly the most influential of all the Founding Fathers.
  2. James Monroe
    "The Last Cocked Hat"
    "Era-of-Good-Feelings President"
    • -1817-1825
    • -After war of 1812 economy was booming allowing him to focus toward domestic issues
    • -Took three national tours.
    • -Panic of 1819: first major depression to hit the country
    • -Missouri Compromise
    • -Florida sold to US
    • -Monroe Doctrine
    • -His Aggressive and successful conduct of foreign policy undoubtedly strengthened the presidency itself.
  3. John Q Adams
    "Old Man Eloquent"
    • -1825-1829
    • -Support the "American System" proposed by Henry Clay
    • -Wanted to improve US infrastructure
    • - achieved little of consequence in foreign affairs as president
    • -considered to have been a failure as a president
  4. James Polk
    "Young Hickory"
    • -1845-1849
    • -Independent Treasury Act of 1846
    • -Extension of slavery into new American Territories
    • -Annexation of Texas
    • -War with Mexico
    • - Treaty of New Granada
    • -Left the nation facing its greatest political and social crisis since the American Revolution.
  5. Franklin Pierce
  6. Andrew Johnson
  7. Ulysses Grant
  8. Rutherford Hayes
  9. Andrew Jackson
    • Became known hero after war of 1812
    • "The common man"
    • A fighter
    • Sick during presidency (a lead bullet)
  10. The corrupt election
    The corrupt bargain
    Adams won number of votes. But Jackson one the number of electoral votes.
  11. Spoils system
    practice of rewarding government supporters with government jobs
  12. The bank crises
    with the use of veto, Jackson determined to destroy the american banks. In 1836 the bank charter expired for good.
  13. Nullification crises
    • States threatened to secede (leave the union) because of the high tariffs being passed.
    • -Jackson could not support this.
  14. The Whig Party
    • new party
    • able to capture white house with William Henry Harrison
    • Made use of idea that power and success were available to everyone.
  15. Federalists
    • Upperclass/Elitist
    • ProBank
    • Industrialize (Need a diverse economy)
    • ProTariffs
    • Strong Central Government
    • ex.Hamilton/Washington/Adams
  16. AntiFederalists
    • Common-man
    • Anti-Bank
    • Agrarian society
    • Anti-Tariffs
    • Pro States Rights
    • ex.Jefferson/madison/monroe/John Q adams
  17. Democratic
    • common-man
    • Anti Bank (veto)
    • Agrarian Society
    • Anti-Tariffs
    • Pro States rights Except: Ged gov wins over nullification.
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