Unit 7

  1. In her most celebrated novels, such as Pride and Prejudice and Emma, Jane Austen reached the ____________of her literary art.
    Acme (the highest point)
  2. Since my boss has, as they say, "a short fuse" patience cannot be considered one of her outstanding _______________.
    Attribute (associted with someone or something)
  3. I agree that we should not exaggerate her achievements, but we shoud noy ______________them either.
    Belittle (apper smaller)
  4. We all need several trucks to____________ all the books to the new libaray building.
    Convey (to transport)
  5. The monroe ______________sought to prevent the colonization of the American continets by European powers.
    Doctrine (belief)
  6. In the early nineteenth century, Thomas bowdler attempted to "clean up" the works of shakespeare by________________all words and phrase that he felt were coarse of offensive
    Excise (removing(cutting))
  7. Most Americans think of Australia as a steange and wonderful continent full______________plants and animals.
    Exotic (charmingly unfamiliar)
  8. The drawn and______________faces of the rescued miners showed clearly the yerrible strain of the ordeal they had undergone.
    Haggared (thin or pale)
  9. Her happy expression and the________________way she walked down the street gave the impression of someone "on top of the world"
    Jaunty (lively, easy)
  10. Two of our divisions were marching rapidly toward each other and hoped to effect a(n) ______________ before the enemy attacked.
    Juncture (joining together)
  11. Even though you are starting at a(n)_______________job, you willgain valuable experience aand knowledge of how the company works.
    Menial (lacking importance)
  12. Because of his ability to _____________his opponents' blows, he was rarely hurt in his many fights in the ring.
    Parry (to avoid)
  13. Though many______________creatures prefer to hunt at night, lions and leopards are active during the daytime.
    Predatory (preying on)
  14. Disease had so____________his once-handsome face that i could scaecely recognize him!
    Ravage (to destroy)
  15. A baseball player who improves his______________at the plate usually also improves his batting average.
    Stance (attitude or postion on an issue)
  16. The room was so overcrowerd with gaudy furnishings that the overall effect was cheap and ______________.
    Tawdry (showy and flashy)
  17. When he switched parties, people called him a(n)________, but he said that he hadjust had an honest change of opinion.
    Turncoat (swictch opposing side)
  18. The author's first published work was a rather_______________little pamphlet on the joys of flying fishing.
    Unassuming (not putting)
  19. During our trip through kenya, we took many pictures of hippos as they______________in a mudhole.
    Wallow (lazy, clumsy, or helpless)
  20. She sat there staring at the menu, _______________between the steak sandwish and the chef's salad.
    Waver (to move to and from)
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