art hist test 3

  1. Ambulatory
    passage around the Aspe in a basilican plan church
  2. Apse
    Semi-cirucular or polygonal recess, Especially at the east end of a church.
  3. Buttresses
    a Mass of masonry used to strengthen a wall and to counter the thrust of an arch , vault , EXT.
  4. Choir
    Part of a church reserved for the clergy and singer, usually part of a chancel.
  5. Crossing
    intersection of nave and transept.
  6. Nave
    Main body of a church accommodating a the congregation.
  7. Transept
    part of the church at right angles of the Nave
  8. Portal
    A doorway, an entrance, or a gate, especially one that is large and imposing
  9. Radiating Chapels
    In a church, projecting chapels arranged radially around theambulatory of a semicircular or polygonal liturgical east end.
  10. Archivolts
    Bands or mouldings (moldings, Am.) surrounding an arched opening.
  11. Voussoir
    One of the wedge-shaped blocks forming the curved parts of an arch or vault.
  12. Tympanum
    The triangular recessed face of a pediment, Spaced enclose by a lintel and an arch over a door way
  13. Jamb Figure
    One of a pair of vertical posts or pieces forming the sides of a door, window frame or fireplace.
  14. Jamb Column
    A frame colum
  15. Spandrel
    • 1. The approximtely triangular shape between the curve of an arch and the rectangular frame above it
    • 2. The approximtely triangular shape between two arches and the horizontal line that runs above them
  16. Tripartite elevation
    Composed of or divided into three parts.
  17. Two-part elevation
  18. Clerestory
    An upper story row of windows; part of an interior wall rising above the adjacent roof with windows admitting light
  19. Triforium
    The arcade which is seen in many vaulted churches below the clerestory.
  20. Gallery
    • 1. An elevated section of the seating area of a building for public worship or auditorium
    • 2. An elevated area, interior or exterior, e.g., minstrel gallery, music gallery, roof gallery
    • 3. A long, covered area acting as a corridor
    • 4. A room (or building), top lit, used for the display of art works
  21. Arcade
    A series of arches supported by pillars, piers or Columns.
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