vocabulary unit 7

  1. acme
    • (n.) the highest point
    • synonyms: summit, top, peak, pinnacle
    • antonyms: low point, bottom, nadir
    • A perfect game is the ______ of any pitcher's career in baseball.
  2. attribute
    • (n.) a quality or characteristic belonging to or associated with someone or something; (v.) to assign to, credit with; to regard as caused by or resulting from
    • synonyms:(n.) trait: (v.) ascribe
    • The __________ I most admire in you is your willingness to give everyone's opinions a fair hearing.
    • The doctor_________ my runny nose and itchy eyes to multiple allergies.
  3. belittle
    • (v.) to make something appear smaller than it is ; to refer to in a way that suggests lackof value
    • synonyms: minimize, underrate, disparage
    • antonyms: exaggerate, magnify, overestimate
    • Candidates for public office may resort to negative ads that ________ their opponents' records.
  4. convey
    • (v.) to transport ; to transmit; to communicate, make known; to transfer ownership or title to
    • synonmys: carry, send, impart
    • Please _________ our best wishes to your parents on their twenty- fifth wedding anniversary.
  5. doctrine
    • (n.) a belief, principle, or teaching; a system of such beliefs or principles; a formulation of such beliefs or principles
    • No two religions see eye to eye on every fine detail of ____________.
  6. excise
    • (v.) to remove by cutting; (n.) an indirect tax on the manufactrue, sale, or distribution of a commodity or service
    • synonyms: (v.) cut out, delete, expunge
    • antonyms: (v.) put in, insert, interpolate
    • If you ________ taht irrelevant remark, you will improve your essay.
    • The ________ imposed on such potentially dangerous products as tobacco and alcohol have skyrocketed.
  7. exotic
    • (adj.) foreign: charmingly unfamiliar or strikingly unusual
    • synonmys: strange, alien, picturesque, colorful
    • A recipe may call for _____ herbs and spices that are difficult to obtain.
  8. haggard
    • (adj.) thin, pale , and careworn as a result of worry or suffering; wild-looking
    • synonyms: drawn, gaunt, wasted
    • antonyms: healthy, glowing, radiant, hale and hearty
    • The ________ refugees were given food, clothing, and temporary shelter.
  9. jaunty
    • (adj.) lively, easy, and carefree, in manner: smart or trim in apperarance
    • snonyms: unconcerned, lighthearted
    • antonyms: downcast, dejected, glum
    • I bought a ________ straw hat.
  10. juncture
    • (n.) a joining together: the point at which two things are joined; any important point in time
    • synonyms: union, seam, joint, turning point
    • Our property ends at the _________ of the two stone walls.
  11. menial
    • (adj.) lowly, humble, lacking importance or dignity; (n.) a person who does the humble and unpleasant tasks
    • snonyms: (n.) underling, scullion, servant
    • antonyms: (adj.) lofty, elevated; (n.) boss, master
  12. parry
    • (v.) to ward off, fend off, deflect, evade, avoid: (n.) a defensive movement in fencing and other sports
    • An effective press secretary can_________ almost any questions a reporter asks.
    • The challenger's swift_______ caught the champion completely off guard.
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