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  1. What is the first strategy you need to learn?
    Read and memorize the directions!
  2. Why is target score and pacing important?
    You need to decide a target score based on your diagnostic test and then determine how many questions you need to get right on each section to get that score. Pacing is the key to the target score. There are a lot of questions and not a lot of time. For example if you can miss 20 and still get your target score you don't want to waste time on 20 hard ones and run out of time before you get to 30 easy ones. You learn pacing as you do the practice tests and use the strategies learned.
  3. What is a pacing chart?
    • It is in the "Files to Go" app on your iPod.
    • It is called ACT_DG_E02_Pacingchart
  4. What are 3 overall strategies to save you time on the ACT?
    • 1. Do the easy ones first! (Means you may need to do a couple sweeps of the section becasue they are not in any order)
    • 2. Don't get stuck on any hard questions. (You will learn your weaknesses as you practice come back to them at the end)
    • 3. Get used to circling in your book then transfering to the bubble sheet before you turn the page.
  5. What is strategic guessing.
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