1. To renew a license or maintain certification, persons in may states are required to obtain additional hours of education called what?
    Continuing education units
  2. Where was the first HOSA national conference held?
    Oklahoma City
  3. What are 2 possible topics for 2009-2010 researched persuasive speaking competition?
    • America vs. canada who has better health care system?
    • Advertising prescription drugs
  4. What is the blood type considered to be the universal donor?
  5. What does AIDS represent?
    Acquired immunes deficiency syndrome
  6. What is a major cause of an increase in the number of leukocytes in the blood?
  7. What was the emphasis on life and living during the dark ages?
    Saving the soul
  8. What state contributed the 2009-2010 HOSA natioal theme
    South Carolina
  9. What is the Biomedical debate topic?
    Drug testing: should highschool students face mandatory drug tests?
  10. What is the topic for prepared speaking?
    Hosa national theme- simple scrapes/failing hearts
  11. Health care workers who can preform a varuety of health care skills are called _____ workers.
    Multiskilled or multicompetent
  12. What is the name for the order of business that will be conducted during a meeting?
    Agenda or program
  13. Name the T-Cells that are destructive to cells, such as cancer because they can kill foreign cells that invade the body?
    Cytotoxic cells or T-8 cells
  14. What term decribes a constant internal environment of the body?
  15. What is the name given to the study oof the structure, composition, and function of tissue?
  16. What ancient population believed in treating the whole body?
    The Chinese
  17. Who are considered the leaders of HOSA?
    The students
  18. In 1962 what was the first body part to be reattached to the body?
    Arm to the shoulder
  19. What nutrition service career involves managing food services systems, assessing patients nutritional needs, purchasing food and equiment, and nutritional education of patients?
  20. What were the early pharmacies of the 16/17 century called?
  21. Which enzyme begins the breakdown (digestion) of protein?
  22. Which branch of medicine was basically formed form the work of Sigmund Freud?
    Pstchology or Psychiatry
  23. How many written examination ?s are included of the category ii competitive events?
  24. What is the medical term given to the interruption of a pregnancy before the fetus is consibered vaible?
  25. You are to have a radioactive iodine uptake test. This test is to measure the function of what?
    Thyroid Gland
  26. What is the national service project for 2008-2009?
    Autism speaks
  27. Who is referred to as the 'father of medicine'?
  28. What term is used to designate that the entire assembly voted the same?
  29. What type of membrane lines the uriary bladder and urhra?
    Mucous membrane
  30. What year was AIDS identified as a disease?
  31. What color are the hands in the HOSA emblem?
    Medical white
  32. What did Farenheit use to create the first thermometer?
  33. State the HOSA motto
    The hands of HOSA mold the health of tomorrow
  34. What part of the brain controls the heartbeat, blood pressure and respirations?
  35. What is the medical name for "baby teeth", usually lost by six year of age?
    Deciduous teeth
  36. What happens if the health care worker fails to meet their legal responsibilities?
    Legal action can be taken aganist the worker and their employer
  37. Name the 2 bones of the lower leg?
    Fibula and Tibia
  38. What term is used to describe a hypersensitivity to a substance?
  39. What name is given to the point at which the nerve ending comes in contact with muscle cells?
    Myoneural junction of Neuromuscluar Junction
  40. What are the 3 parts of a contract?
    Offer, acceptance and consideration
  41. Name the connective tissue that connects bone to bone
  42. Give the medical term for a cell produced the union of two gametes
  43. In which competitive event do participants demonstrate their ability to effectively communicate ideas through the written media?
    Extemporaneous writting
  44. When does the chair call the meeting to order?
    when he/she determines there is a quorm present
  45. Name the branch of medicine that diagnosis and treats patients to prevent and correct musculoskeletal deformities?
  46. Who is creadited with identifying how WBC protect against disease?
    Dr. Elie Metchnikoff
  47. What name is given to the ions that dissociat in your blood stream?
  48. What is the vote required for adoption of a motion to close nominations?
  49. Decreasing the angle between two parts
  50. Name the inermost layer of the eye that recieves images and is the immediate instrument of vision?
  51. Hosa National theme?
    • From siple scrapes to falling hearts, HOSA's where the healing starts
    • South Carolina
  52. What is the medical term for the gums?
  53. What food nutrient does a person with gullbladder have a problum digesting?
  54. The american red cross is an example pf what type of health agency?
  55. To what term does cubitus refer?
    Elbow of forearm
  56. Wha tis the name of the stomach near the Esophagus
    Cardia of Cardiac
  57. What is the terme on a typical agenda?
    Call the metting to order
  58. Name the person responsible for establishing princliples of heredity and dominant/recessive patterns
    George Mendel
  59. What does the term "semescence" mean?
    Old age or senility
  60. What is the term that describes a disease that was present at birth?
  61. Name the only type of motion that can bring business before the assembly
    A main motion
  62. Blood test that measures the precentage of red blood cells per a given unit of blood
  63. Middle or vascular layer of the eye, between the sclera and retina
  64. Name Almoroth Wrights's Contribution to health care.
    Vaccine for typhoid fever
  65. Who may attend a mass meating?
  66. What medical specialtu of the person of first used either as an anesthetic?
  67. Clara Barton
    American red cross
  68. Name the medical specalist who diagnoses &treats disease through the use of sources of radiant energy?
  69. Which body organ produces the hormone insulin?
  70. Name the structure in the female in which the fetus grows?
  71. When was HOSA week held this year?
    November 1-7, 2009
  72. In what position is a person who is lying on his/her back with face upward?
  73. Name the fat soluble vitamins?
    A,D,E and K
  74. WHat happens to a motion that does not get a second?
    it gets dropped (dies)
  75. What medical condition uses the rule of nines in the treatment and prognosis?
  76. What term describes the general wasting and weakness of the body as seen in the certain chronic diseases such as cancer?
  77. What is the name of a little dead-end tube off the cecum that often becomes inflamed?
  78. Who was the American dentist who began using either as an anesthetic in 1846?
    Dr. William Morton
  79. Name the country that first found Hospice
  80. What is the term applied to a motion that conflicts organization by-laws?
  81. Which section of the HOSA handbook describes the competitive events program?
    section B
  82. What is the name of the gland that encircles the urethra in the male?
    Prostate Gland
  83. Micheal Servetus advancments in medicine?
    • Discribed the circulatory system in the lungs
    • Explained how digestion was a source of body heat
  84. Who was the great English naturalist in the 19th century who gave the theory of evelution a scintific basis?
    Charles Darwin
  85. How many national officers serve on the HOSA Inc. board of directors?
  86. Define the term hypoglycemia?
    Low blood sugar
  87. How many times can a member debate a motion?
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