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  1. Shape note singings
    Folk choir
  2. Lining out
    Minister singing a line that is repeated by the congregation
  3. Hymns, anthems, spirituals
    New church songs that were adapted as folk songs
  4. Solfege
    Pitches represented by syllables
  5. The Sacred Harp
    Shape note hymnbook
  6. John McCurry
    Shape note hymn composer
  7. The Southern Harmony
    Shape note hymnbook
  8. The Social Harp
    John McCurry's collection of "old style" shape note songs
  9. Banjo
    Long-necked plucked fretted lute
  10. Guitar
    • Fretted lute
    • Strummed for harmony and rhythm, plucked for melody
  11. Hawaiian guitar
    Guitar played with sliding pitches on the player's lap
  12. Pedal steel guitar
    • Electronic instrument with strings horizontal in front of the player
    • Pitches altered by foot pedals and a sliding metal bar
  13. Mountain dulcimer
    Fretted plucked or strummed zither
  14. Hammered dulcimer
    Trapezoidal zither played with mallets
  15. Autoharp
    Zither with buttons that produce chords when strumming the instrument
  16. Hoedowns/breakdowns
    Group dances
  17. Country music
    Included string bands, singing cowboys, western swing, and honky-tonk
  18. Carter Family
    Country music musicians
  19. String bands
    • Banjo, guitar, fiddle, and bass
    • Played traditional dance tunes and accompanied singers
  20. Singing cowboys
    Small folk vocal ensembles
  21. Western swing
    Country and big band jazz fusion from Texas
  22. Honky-tonk
    Texan genre featuring electric slide steel guitar
  23. Bill Monroe
    Pioneer of bluegrass music
  24. Bluegrass
    Style where virtuosic players trade solos
  25. Earl Scruggs
    Famous bluegrass banjo player
  26. Woody Guthrie
    • Folk musician
    • Composer of "This land is your land"
  27. Pete Seeger
    • Folk Musician
    • Composer of "If I had a hammer"
  28. Black Elk
    Lakota holy man whose songs came from spirits
  29. Vocables
    Syllables without literal meaning
  30. Ghost Dance
    Mass participation dance that connected people with the spirit world
  31. Powwows
    Intertribal meeting with music and dance
  32. Peyote
    Hallucinogen used during ceremonies
  33. R. Carlos Nakai
    Popularized Native American flute
  34. Ring shout
    Dancing and singing of slaves
  35. Spirituals
    Religious songs
  36. Blue notes
    Pitches that were lower than diatonic scale steps
  37. Minstrel shows
    Popular theater that combined music and skits imitating blacks
  38. Stephen Foster
    Minstrel song composer
  39. John Philip Sousa
    Wind band conductor and composer
  40. Wind band
    Orchestra made of aerophones
  41. Brass band
    Orchestra made of only buzzed-lip instruments
  42. Strains
    Section with four phrases
  43. Bridge
    One-phrase transition between strains
  44. Scott Joplin
    Pianist and ragtime composer
  45. Cakewalk
    African American dance
  46. Ragtime
    Popular piano genre
  47. Tin Pan Alley
    New York area where music publishers were concentrated
  48. Jazz
    Popular music form with syncopations and polyphony
  49. Dixieland
    New Orleans style of jazz
  50. Front line
    Melody instruments in jazz
  51. Rhythm section
    Harmonic and rhythmic section in jazz
  52. Solo
    Repetition of the tune featuring only a single instrumentalist and the rhythm section
  53. Head
    Initial statement of the tune
  54. Louis Armstrong
    Trumpet player that developed the jazz solo
  55. Hollers
    Wordless melodies
  56. Blues
    Style of hollers combined with ballads
  57. 12-bar blues
    Standard harmonic pattern
  58. Country blues
    Early style of blues
  59. Robert Johnson
    Country blues guitarist
  60. Bessie Smith
    Blues singer
  61. Barbershop
    Professional vocal ensembles employing a variety of genres
  62. Doo-wop
    Small unaccompanied vocal ensembles
  63. George Gershwin
    Composer who combined jazz and classical orchestra
  64. Big bands
    Jazz bands with multiple of the same kind of instrument
  65. Duke Ellington
    Big band composer
  66. Swing
    Dance style associated with big band jazz
  67. Bebop
    Smaller jazz ensembles with intricate solos
  68. Charlie Parker
    Developed jazz as an art music
  69. Miles Davis
    Innovated jazz with influences from rock, and other cultures
  70. Elvis Presley
    Rock and roll musician
  71. Rhythm and blues
    Up-tempo blues songs
  72. Rock and roll
    • Originally white musicians playing a black style
    • Features electric guitar, small ensembles, and emphasis on singing
  73. Bob Dylan
    American folk singer whose music was a form of social protest
  74. The Beatles
    Famous rock band
  75. British Invasion
    Bands from the UK came to dominate US rock music
  76. Progressive rock
    Bands that experimented with influences from art music
  77. Hard rock
    Powerful songs with theatrical performances in large venues
  78. Heavy metal
    Powerful songs with theatrical performances in large venues
  79. Soul music
    Later genre of rhythm and blues
  80. Aretha Franklin
    Soul music singer
  81. James Brown
    Pioneer of funk music
  82. Funk
    • Emphasis on texture and rhythm
    • Slap bass, wind instruments with punctuations in music
  83. Breaks
    Instrumental sections of funk music
  84. Scratching
    Turntable technique
  85. Turntablism
    Using the turntable as a musical instrument
  86. Rap music
    Speaking rhythmic rhymes over music
  87. Hip-hop
    Generic term for African-American with rap styles
  88. Gangsta rap
    Hip-hop with focus on the concerns of inner-city blacks
  89. Sampling
    Digital recording and playback of sound
  90. Drum machines
    Digital drum parts without a live drummer
  91. Synthesizers
    Electronic instruments
  92. Disco
    Dance music of the late 70's
  93. MIDI sequencers
    Programs of notes played by synthesizers and drum machines
  94. Loops
    Repetitive element of electronic music
  95. Techno
    Evolution of disco music into electronic dance music
  96. Electronica
    Electronic dance music
  97. World music
    Record label for non-western music
  98. Worldbeat
    Record label for non-western music
  99. Global pop
    Record label for non-western music
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