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  1. Canaval
    Brazilian percussion band
  2. Syncretism
    Fusion of cultures
  3. Criollos
    Elite urban dwellers
  4. Mestizos
    Mixed race Latin Americans
  5. Coplas
    Paired phrases
  6. Samba
    Brazilian dance
  7. Rumba
    Cuban dance
  8. Tango
    Argentinean dance
  9. Habanera
    Popular rhythm in Latin America
  10. Sesquialtera
    Alternation between simple triple and compound duple meters
  11. Pre-Columbian
    Indigenous instruments
  12. Autos
    Folk religious dramas
  13. son
    Songs featuring sesquialtera, strumming guitars, and zapateado dance
  14. conjunto
    Bands of northern Mexico
  15. chilena
    • Mexican form from Pacific coast
    • guitar, bass, and wind instruments
  16. huapango
    • Folk ensemble from Central Mexico
    • guitar and fiddle
  17. mariachi
    • Urban folk ensemble
    • Guitars, trumpets, violins
  18. guitarron
    Bass instrument of mariachi ensemble
  19. jarocho
    • Folk ensemble from Veracruz
    • Guitars and harp
  20. fandango
    Large musical celebrations in Mexico
  21. zapateados
    Rhythmic stamping of feet
  22. jarana
    Five course guitar
  23. requinto
    Small guitar
  24. arpa
  25. verso
    Fixed text that welcomes listeners
  26. estribillo
    Contrasting verse
  27. conujunto nortena
    Popular form including button accordion
  28. bajo sexto
    Bass guitar with six double courses
  29. Canciones revolucionarias
    Songs made during the revolutionary period
  30. Carlos Chavez
    Mexican art music composer of "Aztec renaissance"
  31. Silvestre Revueltas
    Mexican art music composer known for dynamic representations of mariachis
  32. Samba schools
    Dancers and percussionists that perform at carnaval
  33. Bateria
    Samba percussion band
  34. Batuque
    Slave dance from Africa
  35. Capoiera
    Martial art dance
  36. Berimbu
    Musical bow that accompanies capoiera
  37. Atabaque
    Tall drum
  38. Agogo
    Double iron bell
  39. Choros
    Street musicians that played popular dances
  40. Samba cancao
    Samba of professional big bands
  41. Batucada
    Percussive samba bands
  42. Blocos afro
    Musical clubs that introduced African elements
  43. MPB
    Brazilian popular music
  44. Antonio Carlos Jobim
    Bossa nova pioneer
  45. Bossa nova
    Intimate songs with poetic lyrics and rhythmic syncopations on guitar
  46. Modhina
    Traditional piano genre in Brazil
  47. Heitor Villa-Lobos
    Brazilian composer
  48. Siku
  49. Kena
    Andean notch flute
  50. Bomba
    Andean bass drum
  51. Charango
    Small guitar made of an armadillo shell
  52. Huayno
    Popular Andean dance form
  53. Chicha
    Mixed style of Columbian, Cuban, North American, and huayno music
  54. Cajon
    Open wooden box that a player sits on and plays with the hands
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