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  1. Equal temperament
    Standard tuning system with twelve pitches per octave
  2. Strophic
    Repeating melody with different words on each repetition
  3. Consonance
    Musical resolution
  4. Dissonance
    Musical tension
  5. Counterpoint
    Creating independent melodies that control consonance and dissonance
  6. Triads
    Three-pitch chords
  7. Harmonic progression
    Sequence of chords
  8. Ballad
    Folk songs with strophic forms that told a story
  9. Broadsides
    Printed ballad stories
  10. Landler
    Austrian folk dance
  11. Diskantzither
    Plucked zither with fretted fingerboard and open strings
  12. Hackbrett
    Hammered zither
  13. Accordion
    Popular folk and dance instrument in Austria
  14. Schrammel ensemble
    Two violins, accordion, clarinet and harp guitar
  15. Yodeling
    Quickly switching between vocal registers
  16. Vocables
    Syllables without linguistic meaning
  17. Reel
    Irish duple-meter dance
  18. Irish harp
    Diatonic harp, smaller than European harp
  19. Bard
    • Poet/composer/musician
    • Kept history and genealogies
  20. Turlough O'Carolan
    • Blind harpist
    • Famous Irish bard
  21. Ceili
    • Bands promoted by the Gaelic League
    • Refined folk practices, notated harmonies for piano
  22. Fleadh
    Festivals supporting traditional music
  23. Sean O Riada
    Composer that reinvigorated sean nos and regional style
  24. The Chieftans
    Ensemble that brought traditional music to the world stage
  25. Celtic music
    Wide range of Irish influenced music
  26. celts
    Ethnic group in Ireland
  27. Riverdance
    Touring show featuring Celtic music and Irish dance
  28. Uilleann pipes
    Reed pipes with bellows
  29. Tin whistle
    Metal duct flute
  30. Bodhran
    Frame drum
  31. Bones
    Irish percussion instrument
  32. Keening
    Songs of laments sung at funerals
  33. Sean nos
    Old style unaccompanied, nonpulsatile singing
  34. Binary
    Dance music with two parts
  35. Open, closed
    Unresolved or resolved cadences
  36. Step dances
    Common Irish dances where feet move and upper body is still
  37. Slow airs
    Nonpulsatile instrumental pieces
  38. Gitanos
    Gypsies in Spain
  39. Zarzuelas
    A kind of Spanish opera
  40. Coplas
    Stanzas in folk songs
  41. Estribillos
    Contrasting refrains
  42. Ronda
    Common Spanish folk song sung by Rondallas
  43. Rondallas
    Roving bands of musicians
  44. Jota
    A dance played by rondallas
  45. Castanets
    Wooden idiophones played by dancers
  46. Zapateado
    Rhythmic stamping of feet
  47. Frederico Garcia Lorca
    Spanish poet who organized a traditional song festival
  48. Cante hondo
    Deep song that became the basis for flamenco
  49. Rasgueado
    Extended strumming guitar technique
  50. Palmas
    Rhythmic hand clapping
  51. Compas
    Specific complicated rhythms
  52. Jaleo
    Cries of the audience
  53. Palos
    Flamenco song forms
  54. El Camaron
    Singer that started Nuevo Flamenco
  55. Nuevo Flamenco
    Flamenco with electric bass and other experimental hybrids
  56. Solea
    Oldest form of flamenco song
  57. Golpe
    Knocking on the guitar
  58. Falsetas
    Complex introductory phrases
  59. Glosolalia
    Introducing a flamenco song with vocables
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