Melchiode Preschool

  1. 3rd calamity of childhood
    • 3rd: fear of being hurt (band-aid stage)
    • 2: fear of loss of love
    • 1: fear of abandonment
  2. Piaget's Preoperational Stage
    • 2-7yr
    • 1. Symbolic Function: child centers on one aspect of an object
    • 2. Concrete thinking- ie. All white liquids are milk; uncle is Hitler b/c same mustache
    • 3. Egocentrism: The child is unable to put him/herself in another person‘s shoes
    • 4. Animism: Thinking that everything that moves is alive and has feelings/thoughts
    • 5. Artificialism: Everything is made by and for humans
    • 6. Unable to rsn using verbal prepositions
    • 7. Asks millions of ?, why? thinks adults know all.
    • 8. Inability to conserve mass, No concept of volume
    • 9. Occupy only one class at a time (unable to understand that he is both a brother and a cousin)
    • 10. No sense of reversibility
    • 11. Conscience is internalized
  3. Facts
    • death- can't understad finality, intersted in it
    • interested in sex, bdy parts, play doctor
    • compete for opp parent, gives up hope and beins to assoc with parent of same sex
  4. Erikson
    • Initiative vs Guilt:
    • succeeds: sense of mastery
    • unsuccessful: feelings of guilt
    • (infancy, toddler)
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