IB java april 24th

  1. Server
    • -Program that provides services requested by client programs
    • -computer that provides services to another computer connected over a network
  2. signature
    combination of specifiers, the method name and the parameter list, that uniquely identifies the method.
  3. simulation
    set of a data processing system to represent selected behavioral characteristics of a physical or abstract system.
  4. single-tasking
    mode of operation that allows only one program to be in use at any time
  5. single-user system
    a system that only allows one user at a time
  6. software design
    the systematic application of scientific and technological knowledge, methods and experience to design, implement and test software to optimize its production and support
  7. speech recognition
    process of comparing spokent wods with those stored the system
  8. star topology
    network in which each device is connected to a central hub
  9. static data structure
    data structures of which the size and nature are determined before a program is executed (ex array)
  10. storage requirements
    description of how much memory is required during the running of a program
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