Melchiodie Toddler

  1. Negativity
    Saying no, protesting, and being neg= fight for autonomy
  2. Musclular mastery, aggression
    • "love affair w/ world"
    • it increases, explore/enjoy world around them, toddling, lanuage starts, toilet training, obj constancy?, safety

    Agressiong- pleasureand excitement from aggressive behavior, temper tantrum
  3. Separaton/individuation
    • slef constancy- metnal recog of sel (mirror0, sense of others- mental rep of mother/father even when away. Baby used to cry, now can sooth self with mental image of parent and regognize their contancy
    • Mahler: object constancy
    • Piaget: object permanence- object has an existence independent of child‘s involvement with it
  4. 2nd calamity of childhood
    • 2nd: loss of love (1st: abandonment)
    • give up behaviors to please parents, but want control. (Like Urie, might get toilet trained b/ regress in other things)
  5. Gender identity
    • by 18mo
    • may not be able to ID others tho
    • social/environmental factors
    • Controversy: abig genitals- should wait til they can tell you
  6. Language
    Laniguage begins, reading books, learning games, pointing to body parts, peek-a-boo
  7. Erikson
    • 2nd stage: Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
    • master skill-> sense of ability, competency, autonomy
    • unsuccessful-> shame and doubt

    • (battle over control-positive reinforcement key to success.. ie. toilet training)
    • (Infancy)
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