Lab test 1

  1. What is the primary stain in gram staining
    Crystal violet
  2. What is the mordant in gram staining
    Grams iodine
  3. What is the decolorizer in gram staining95/ethanol
    95% ethanol
  4. What is the counter stain in gram staining
  5. E.coli is gram neg
    Red rod
  6. Bac. Cer is gram pos
    Blue rod
  7. Staphylococcus aureus is gram pos
    Blue grape like cluster of cocci
  8. What stain is used in negative staining
  9. Negative stain bac. Cer. Looks like
    Long rods
  10. Negative stain sar. Lut. Looks
    Small cluster-cellular arrangements called tetrads
  11. What is the backround in neg staining
  12. What is the primary stain in a capsule stain
    1% crystal violet
  13. What is the wash in a capsule stain
    20 % Copper sulfate
  14. What does strep. Lactose look like in a capsule stain
    Purple diplococci in white capsule, purple backround
  15. What is the primary stain in a acid- fast stain
  16. What is the mordant in acid- fast stain
    Steam heat
  17. What is the decolorizer in acid-fast stain
    Acid alcohol =HCL+95%ethanol
  18. What is the counter stain in acid-fast staining
    Methylene blue
  19. What bacterium is mycobacterium smegmatis
    Fushia rods
  20. What is the primary stain in spore staining
    Malichite green
  21. What is the mordant in spore staining
    Steam heat
  22. What is the decolorizer in spore staining
  23. What is the counterstain in spore staining
  24. What does bac.cer. Look like in a spore stain
    Green spores on red rods / endospores
  25. seratia marcescen in a pure culture is
  26. In a pure culture method what color is sarcina lutea
    Canary yellow
  27. Pure culture method petri plate, cac. cer looks
  28. Thioglycollate Broth is used to
    take ou O2 gas
  29. What does Thioglycollate broth grow
    anearobes and gaculitative bacteria
  30. What gasius requirerment is clostridium sporogenes
    anaerobic - tube
  31. What gasius requirerment is escheria coli
  32. What gasius requirerment is Sarc. lut
  33. What gasius requirerment is bas sub
  34. What is used in the wright's tube test
    cotton ball, 10% NaOH(sodium Hydroxide) and Pyrogallic acid is the acid used
  35. Describe Psuedomonas eruginose
    has a fruity odor and turns agar green due to green water soluble pigment
  36. What bedia is used in to test mobility
    motility test agar
  37. What is the PH indicator in sugar fermentation
    Phenal red
  38. Phenal red in a neutral
  39. phenal red in a base
  40. phenal red in a acid
  41. phenol red in a alkaline
  42. What is the small tube inside the test tube called
    Durham tube
  43. What enzyme do we look for in starch hydrolysis test
    Starch Hydrolase
  44. What is the regeant used in starch hydrolysis test
  45. What is the media used in starch hydroliysis test
    starch agar
  46. Bacillius subt. is positive in starch agar
    shows a light halo around bacteia and purple background
  47. Staph aur. is negative in starch agar
    shows purple throughout the petri dish
  48. What enzyme is tested for in Urea Hydrolysis
  49. What media is used in urea Hydrolysis test
    urea broth
  50. What is the PH indicator in urea hydroloysis
    phenol red
  51. Prot. vulg. is positive for urease when it
    changes to cerise in color
  52. What is the substrat in litmus milk
    litmus milk
  53. What is the ph indicator in litmus milk test
  54. What is litmus in a base
  55. What is litmus in a acid
  56. What enzyme do we test for in a litmus milk test
  57. e.coli turn when positive turn the solid red in what test
    litmus milk
  58. Strep. lact. is positive when you see
    whit bottom with red ring
  59. what enzyme to we test for in the catalase test
  60. If catalase is there what do you see
    there will be bubbling of O2 gas
  61. What is the reagent used in a catalase test
    H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
  62. Saccaharomyes cerevisiae Sac. cer.
    employes yeast
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