Lesson 7

  1. to have an abortion
    duo4 tai1
  2. to use illegal drugs
    xi1 du2
  3. to make
  4. to feel as if being treated unfairly, to feel frustrated or wronged
    wei3 qu1
  5. to be pregant
    huai2 yun4
  6. to become
    cheng2 wei2
  7. contraception
    bi4 yun4
  8. method
    fang1 fa3
  9. advanced in technology
    jin4 bu4
  10. very
    de hen3
  11. he2 fa3
    in accord with the law, legal
  12. shou3 shu4
    operation, surgery
  13. to extract a tooth
    ba2 ya2
  14. measure word for tooth
  15. for (this reason)
  16. real, true, actual
    zhen1 zheng4
  17. not... but...
    bu2 shu er2 sh
  18. to carry the burden of ....
    fu4 dan1
  19. to look for a job
    zhao3 shi4
  20. independent
    du2 li4
  21. to bear children, to have children
    sheng1 hai2 zi
  22. either ao3, B ye3 hao3e3 hA or B
    • A y
    • to propose, to advocate zhu3 zhang1
  23. to interfere
    gan she4
  24. to mention
    ti2 dao4
  25. to clear up a case
    po4 an4
  26. it turned out that
    yuan2 lai2
  27. it is said
    ju4 shu1
  28. addiction to drugs
    du2 yin3
  29. to have a sudden onset of
  30. drugs, narcotics
    du2 pin3
  31. situation
    qing2 xing2
  32. serious in nature, grave
    yan2 zhong4
  33. age
  34. freedom
    zi4 you2
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Lesson 7
Lesson 7