med term comp/alt med therapies

  1. acupressure
    digital stimulation of anatomic pressure points on body to preserve & restore health.
  2. acupuncture
    ancient practice of inserting very thin needles into acupoints just under skin to treat disease, increase immune response or relieve pain
  3. alexander technique
    use of movement and exercises to affect physiologic structure, posture, movement and breathing
  4. apiotherapy
    medicinal use of honeybee venom to treat inflammatory and degenerative diseases
  5. applied kinesiology
    noninvasive manipulative treatment to stimulate or relaxkey muscles to attempt to resolve health problems
  6. aromatherapy
    therapeutic use of essential concentrated oils expressed from aromatic herbs, flowers and trees. Both the aroma and external skin applications are used as therapy in treating infections, immune defieiencies and stress.
  7. autosuggestion
    mild form of self-hypnosis in which an indvidual sits quietly, breathes deeply and relaxes oneself to a desired state.
  8. Ayurvedic medicine
    centuries' old system of alternative medicine that includes herbs, aromatherapy, music therapy, massage, and yoga. It places equal emphasis on mind, body and spirit in achieving the harmony of wellness.
  9. balneotherapy
    use of baths in treatment of disease.
  10. biofeedback
    use of leaned self-control of physiologic responses by using electronic devices to demonstrate signals from the body.
  11. chelation therapy
    use of oral and intravenous agents and exercise to prevent, halt or reverse arterial disease.
  12. clay therapy
    use of mineral composition of clay, both internally and externally, as an elixir or a poultice.
  13. colon therapy
    cleansin of the intestine to remove waste matter that interferes with healthy function and the proper assinimilation and absorption of nutrients.
  14. craniosacral therapy
    use of gentle manual pressure applied to skull and spine to treat a range of conditions from headache to spinal cord disorders and to improve overall body functioning.
  15. cupping
    application of glass vessel to skin from which air has been exhausted by heat to create suction that draws blood to the surface, producing counterirritation.
  16. energy medicine
    diagnostic screening devices to measure various electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the body to detect imbalances causing illness
  17. environmental medicine
    exploration of the role of diet and environmental allergens in in fluencing health and illness
  18. enzyme therapy
    plant and pancreatic enzymes ingested by mouth to improve digestion and the absorption of essential nutrients
  19. fasting
    an abstinence from eating to relieve the body of the task of digestion, allowing the system to eliminate toxins to promote welness
  20. Feldenkrais method
    use of specific gentle body movements to increase ease and range of motion and improve flexibility and coordination.
  21. flower remedies
    essences isolated from flowers that directly affect a person's emotional state to facilitate psychologic and physiologic well-being
  22. glandular therapy
    treatment of disease with natural or synthetic hormones
  23. guided imagery
    use of focused concentration on formed mental images as suggested by a facilitator
  24. herbal therapy
    use of herbal remedies to promote health or healing
  25. homeopathy
    system of medical treatment based on theory that certain diseases can be cured by giving small doses of drugs that in a health person would produce symptoms similar to those of the disease and stimulate the body to fight the disease
  26. hydrotherapy
    use of hot or cold water, ice, and steam, both internally & externally to maintain and restore health
  27. hypnotherapy
    use of power of suggestion and a state of altered consciousness involving focused attention to promote welness
  28. intravenous nutrition
    administration of nutrients through a peripheral vein
  29. juice therapy
    conversion of vegies and fruits into consumable therapueutic liquids to nourish and replenish the body in times of stress or illness
  30. Kegel exercises
    tightening and release of vaginopelvic muscles in intervals to improve muscular tone
  31. light therapy
    therapeutic use of ultraviolet, colored, and laser lights to reestablish the body's natural rhytm and reduc pain depression, and other health conditions
  32. lymphatic drainage therapy
    use of gentle massage to stimulate movement of fluid in lymphatic system
  33. magnetic field therapy
    application of magnets or magnetic devices to eliminate pain, facilitate the healing of bones and counter the effects of stress
  34. manipulation
    joint mobilization technique sometimes involving a rapid thrust or the stretching of a joint
  35. massage therapy
    manual manipulation of soft tissue incorporating stroking, kneading, and percussion motions to increase blodd supply, relax muscle fibers and relieve tension
  36. meditation
    mental activity focusing attention on a single activity such as breathing, an image, or a sound to calm and still the mind and stay pleasantly anchored in the present. Used to identify and control reactions to stress situations.
  37. meridian
    one of several pathways in the body believed to conduct energy between the surface and internal organs.
  38. moxibustion
    similar to acupuncture and acupressure but instead of needling or pressing the acupoint, a particular herb is ignited and burned on or near that point of the skin
  39. music therapy
    use of music within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals
  40. naturopathic medicine
    array of healing practices based on the patient's individaul needs and using the body's inherent ability to heal. It focuses on treating the underlying causes of disease with nontoxic therapies to restore the body's natural balance and health.
  41. neurolinguistic programming
    activites aimed at helping individuals detect and reporgram unconscioius patterns of thought and behvior that are negatively affecting their health or recovery from illness.
  42. osteopathy
    form of physical medicine that helps restore the structural balance of musculoskeletal system by using joint manipulation, physical therapy and postural reeducation. An ostepathic physician (DO) practices similar to an allpathic physcisan (MD)
    use of oxygen in various forms to promote healing and destroy disease-producing organisms in the body. Oxygen may be inhaled, ingested, inserted in body orifices, given intravenously or absorbed through skin.
  44. phytotherapeutics
    use of plant extracts in maintenance of health or treatment of disease
  45. prayer therapy
    meditation ot a higher power with a request for healing
  46. Qigong
    self learned physical activities that combine movement, meditation, and breath regulation to enhance the flow of the bodys' energy, improve blood cirulation, and enhance immune system responses.
  47. reflexology
    when certain points or reflex areas on the hands, face and feet are pressed, invisible nerve currents bring nerve energy to specific organs
  48. Reiki
    deeply relaxing ancient spiritual massage technique in which the clinet lies on a table and energy is transferred through the practitioner placing hands in a sequence of standardized positions on the client's body
  49. rolfing
    practinioner uses hands to stretch and loosen connective tissue, allowing the client's muscles and joints to move more freely
  50. rotation diet
    diet plan in which person does not eat a given food more than once in a certain number of days.
  51. shiatsu
    treatment using noninvasive touch and pressure of finger, hand, and foot techniques to release physical and emotional tension. Involves extensive soft-tissue manipulation and both active and passive exercises
  52. therapeutic touch
    use of technique that was developed in the nursing community in which the hands, usually held 2-6 inches above the body, are used to facilitate the healing process
  53. vibrational massage therapy
    form of massage on joints and other body structures to relieve tension and stress
  54. vitamin therapy
    use of nutrition, through diet and supplements to decrease the incidence of disease and symptoms
  55. watsu
    form of aquatic bodywork that takes place in chest-high warm water and involves both a series of flowing dance-like movements and a body massage by a watsu practitioner
  56. yoga
    self-learned series of practices that use physical posture, breaching exercises, and meditation to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, regulate heart rate, reduce the aging process and restore mind/body unity
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