OH 103

  1. Ficus carica
    Common Fig

    Deciduous tree with an open spreading habit. Leaves 4 in long, 3 to 5 rounded lobes.

    Fruit is an aggregate
  2. Morus alba
    White Mulberry

    Deciduous tree. Dark green leaves that create a dense canopy.

    Fruit is similar to a black berry, edible but very messy.
  3. Platanus x acerifolia
    London plane tree

    deciduous tree. Leaves are alternate, and lobed. Resembles a maple leaf.
  4. Plantanus wrightii
    Arizona sycamore

    Deciduous tree. Tends to branch near the base. Leaves are alternate and simple. Star shaped with 3,4, or 5 lobes. Pointed ends.

    • Persisting stipules
    • Exfoliating bark.
  5. Celtis occidentalis
    Common hackberry

    Deciduous tree. Leaves are alternate and toothed.

    Small branches seem somewhat zigzag in appearance.

    Fruit is an orage to red drupe tasting similar to a date.
  6. Celtis laevigata

    Similar in characteristics to the Celtis occidentalis but taller.

    Teeth on margin if they do exist will only be partly down the side of the leaf.
  7. Celtis reticulata
    Netleaf Hackberry

    Upright irregular deciduous tree.

    twisted trunks of these trees make great silhouette trees.

    Fruit is a small orange to red drupe
  8. Ulmus Elm
    Winged Elm

    Deciduous tree.

    Leaves are simple alternate and toothed and typically less than 2 inches long.

    Has corky like wings on opposite sides of branches.

    Perfect flowers that are wind pollinated.
  9. Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii'
    Camperdown Elm

    Deciduous with weeping habit. Native to scotland and all trees can be traced back to the original stock tree.
  10. Ulmus parvifolia
    Chinese Elm

    Deciduous tree. Leaves are 2" long and 1" wide and dark green with pubescents underneath.

    Fruit is a samara

    Perfect flowers that are wind pollinated.
  11. Zelkova serrata
    Sawleaf zelkova

    Dedicuous tree. Flowers are perfect and wind pollenated.

    Young bark is steel grey with prominent lenticels.

    Fruit is a drupe.
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