Quiz Unit 5.1

  1. What is a portal?
    It is a web based, personalized gateway to info and knowledge.
  2. What is a webcrawler?
    A computer program that browses the web and creates a copy of all visted pages.
  3. What is a metasearch engine?
    It searches several engines at once and integrates the findings of the various engines to answer queries posted by users.
  4. What is a search engine?
    A computer program that searches for specific info by keywords and reports the results.
  5. Are multilingual websites necessary?
    Yes, they are a competitive necessity because of the golobal nature of the business enviornment.
  6. How does a network imporve thier operations?
    • discovery
    • communication
    • collaboration
    • web sevices
  7. Wht is automatic translation?
    There is a huge amount of information on the internet written in many different languages this automatically translates the info to your language.
  8. What is a commercial portal?
    It offers content for diverse communities, and they are the most popular portals on the internet.
  9. What is an Affinity portal?
    It supports communities such as a hobby group or a political party.
  10. What is a coroporate portal?
    It offers a personalized, single point of access through a web browser to critical business information located inside and outside an organization.
  11. What is collaboration?
    Collaboration refers to efforts by two or more entites who work together to accomplish certain tasks.
  12. What does the term Work Group refer to?
    Two or more individual who at together to perform some task.
  13. What is a vertual group?
    Group members in different locations.
  14. What is virtual collaboration?
    It uses digital tecnologies to collaborate, such as Skype.
  15. What is workflow?
    It's the movement of information as it flows through the sequence of steps that make up an organizations work procedures.
  16. What is groupware?
    It refers to software products that support groups of people who collaborate to accomplish a common task or goal.
  17. What is RTC?
    • Real-time Collaborative Tool
    • Helps companies bridge time and space to collaborate on projects.
  18. What are whiteboards?
    Enables all participants in different locations to draw and paste on a single document.
  19. What is web 1.0?
    1st generation of the internet.
  20. What is web 2.0?
    • A loose collection of info technolgy and applications and the web sites that use them.
    • Also refered to as the Live or Next web
  21. What is AJAX?
    A web devolopment technique that allows portions of web pages to reload with fresh data instead of the entire page.
  22. What is a blog?
    A personal web site open to the public in which the creator expresses his or her feelings or opinons.
  23. What is a blogosphere?
    The term for the millions of blogs on the web.
  24. What is a Wiki?
    • A wiki is a web site on which anyone can post material and make changes to other material.
    • Wikis harness the collective intelligence of internet users.
  25. What is social networking?
    It allows users to upload their content to the wb in the form of text, blogs, voice, podcasts, images and videos.
  26. What are aggregators?
    Web sites that provide collections of content from the web.
  27. What is a mashup?
    It takes content from a number of other web sites and mixes them together to create a new kind of content.
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