1. nitrogycerine
  2. isordil
    antianginal: nitrate (isosorbide dinitrate)
  3. sorbitrate
    antianginal: nitrate (isosorbide dinitrate)
  4. dilatrate SR
    anitanginal: nitrate (ISOSORBIDE DINITRATE)
  5. imdur
    antianginal: nitrate (isiorbide mononitrate)
  6. monoket
    antianginal: nitrates (isosorbide mononitrate)
  7. ISMO
    antianginal: nitrate(isosobide mononitrate)
  8. veraparmil (calan)
    calcium channel blocker
  9. diltiazem (cardizem)
    calcium channel blockers
  10. nifedipine(procardia)
    calcium channel blockers
  11. these adrenergic agents treats hypertension, relief of symptom of BPH and helps with the management of severe CHF when used with cardiac gycosides and diurectic
    Alpha 1 peripheral actig
  12. these adrenergic agents treats hypertension either alone or with other agents, usually used after one agents have failed due to side effects
    Central Acting Adrenergics
  13. this adrenergic may be used for treatment of sever dysmenorrhea, menopausal flushing, glaucoma
    central acting adrenergics
  14. this is usedful in the management of withdrawal symptoms in opoid- or nicotine dependent persons
  15. these anytihypertensive agents ahve hight incidence of othostatic hypotension
    Adrenergic Agents
  16. These antihypertensive ends in -pril
    ACE inhibitors
  17. oftenused as first-line agents for CHF and hypertension
    ACE inhibitors
  18. may be combine with a thiazide diuretic or calcium channel blocker
    ACE inhibitors
  19. capotpril(capoten)
    short half life ACE inhibitors
  20. enalapril (vasotec
    THE ONLY ACE inhibitors available in oral and parenteral forms
  21. lisinoprilprinivile and Zestril) and quinapril(accupril)
    newer gents long half lives ACE inhibitors
  22. these antihypertensive agents are use for hypetension, CHF (etiher alone or in combination with diurects or other agents) slows progerssion of left ventricular hypertrophy after an MI and renal prtective effects in patiens with diabetes
    ACE inhibitors
  23. this antihypertensive agent is the drugs of choice in hypertensive patients with CHF
    ACE inhibitors
  24. a dry, nonproductive couth, reversed when therapy is stopped
    ACE inhibitors
  25. the first dose of the antihypertensive might cause hypotensive effect
    ACE inhibitors
  26. this antihypertensive causes decreased peripheral smooth muscle tone, decreased systemic vascular resistance resulting in decreased blood pressure
  27. these antihypertensive ends in -ines
  28. These anithypertensive agents directly relaxes arteriolar smooth muscle resulting in decreased systemic vascular response, decreased afterload, and PERIPHERAL VASODILATION
  29. diazoixide (hyperstat)
  30. hyralazine(apresoline)
  31. minoxidil (loniten, Rogaine)
  32. sodium nitroprussside (nipride, nitropress)
  33. this antihypertensive treats hypertension and may be used in combination with other agents
  34. The side effects of the vasodialator is dizziness, headache, anxiety, tachycardia, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, dyspnea, edema, nasal congestion
  35. The side effects of this vasodilaotor inclused bradycardia, hypotension,possibe syanide toxicity
    Sodium nitroprusside
  36. is double up on doses of antihypertensive agents okay if missed?
  37. what happens if a patient abruptly stops taking antihypertensive drugs
    rebound hypertensive and CVA
  38. Drugs that accelerate the rate of urine formation
  39. bumetanide (bumex)
    loop diurectic
  40. furosemide (lasix)
    loop diurectic
  41. this is used for decrease edeam associated with CHF or hepatic or renal disease and also the control of hypertension
    loop diurectic
  42. some side effects of this drug inclue hypokalemia, hyperglycemia, hyperuricemia, dizziness, headache tinniture, blurred vision, agranulocytosis, neurtopenia, and thromboytopenia
    Loop diurectics
  43. spironlaction(aldactone)
    potassium sparing diurectic
  44. this diurectic increase the excretion of water and sodium and preserves potassium
    potassium spariun diurectics
  45. Hyperaldosteronism, hypertension, and reversing the potassium loss caused by potassium losing drugs are therapeutic uses what?
  46. what are side effects in spironactone
    dynecomastai, amenorrhea, irregular menses
  47. these diurects lowers the peipheral vascular resistance and depletion of sodium and water
    thiazide and thiazide like diurectics
  48. this is prescribes for hypertension, edematous state, diabetes insipidus, and adjunct agents in treatment of CHF, hepatic cirrhosis
  49. side effects for this diurectic included hypokalemia glycosuria, hyperglycemia, uticaria
    thiazide and thiazide like
  50. what foods are high in potassium
    bananas, oranges, raisens, plums, dates, fish, meats, fresh vegetables, potatatos
  51. muscle weaknes and cramps, constipation, irregular pulse rate and overall feeling of lethargy are s/s of what?
  52. what are the therapuetic effects for diurectic agents?
    reduction in edema, fluid volume overload, CHF, reduction of hyptertension
  53. side effects of this antaacid includes constipation
    calcium and aluminum
  54. side effects for the antacid includes diarrhea
  55. side effects of the antacid includes productions of gas and belching, often bombines with simethicone
    calcuium carbonate
  56. whate are some conditions that restric the use of antacids
    pregnancy, CHF, renal disease, GI obstruction, fluid imbalacnes
  57. when should most drug be given with an antacid
    one or two hours after
  58. What are the therapuetuic uses of H2 antagonist
    GERD, Upper GI bleeding, Gastric Ulcer, Duodernal ulcer,
  59. this may induce impotence and gynecomastia
  60. this ends in zole
    proton pump inhibitors
  61. this ends in -dine
    hz antagonists
  62. Gerd maintanace therapy, erosive esophagitis, short-term treatment of active duoderal and benign gastric ulcers, and treatment of H, pylori-induced ulcers
    Proton pump inhibitors
  63. this meds should be taking with meds, capsule should be swallowed whole, not crusshed, open or chewed, may be give with antacids and treatment will be short term
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