Standard Grade Modern Studies: Elderly Population

  1. What is happening to the Elderly Population?
    It's Increasing.
  2. This is due to:
    1. Better Healthcare: Able to treat diseases. Better treatment, more hygenic hospitals, growth of the NHS.

    2. Better Housing:
    Central heating, less people living in homes eg, acsess to own toilets. Prevents spreading of deseases.

    3. Healthier Diet:
    Greater knowlege of what is good and bad for us. More acsess to exotic fruits and British fruits all year round.
  3. Housing options for the Elderly:
    • Family
    • Residential Homes
    • Adapted Housing
    • Nursing Homes
    • Sheltered Housing

    • Very Sheltered Housing
    • Pourpose built housing
  4. Staying with Family
    - Choose to live with other family members.

    - Social needs are met, living with people they know not lonley.

    - Physical needs are met, still independant, but need help with minor tasks eg, getting shopping, cooking.
  5. Residential Homes
    - Move in if need help with day to day activities, eg getting out of bed, shopping, showering

    - Social Needs are met as there is a lounge for socialising with other residents, games room, and quiet areas not lonley.

    - Physical needs
    are met by bedrooms, catering facilities, dont have to prepare their own food.

    - Health Needs are met as personal care is provided, have residents medical records.
  6. Sheltered Housing
    - Have wardens on the premisis to assist residents and understand their needs.

    - Physical Needs are met by wider corridors for wheelchair users, helps to secure independance. Hand rails provide support.

    - Personal Alarm System, alarms positisoned around the home which can be set off if there's an emergency. Residents carry Personal alarms round their necks.

    - Higher plugs allow easier acsess. Lower kichen untis for wheelchair users.
  7. Forms of Primary Care:
    1. GP surgeries: Provide check ups, refer you to specialist, hospitals, percribe drugs.

    2. Health Visitor:
    Delivers, sorts out and gives medication, change dressings.
  8. Surgery
    - Surgeons can perform complicated operations, eg transplants, bypass, keyhole surgery, using small instruments.

    - These can save lives and lead to an extended life.
  9. Advanced Body Scanners
    Able to detect cancers, brain problems

    Able to detect tissues which would have previously been undetected.

    Cancer can be detected and treated easier.
  10. The Internet
    - Social needs helped as it allows elderly people to communicate as a hobby.

    - Physical needs are helped by online shopping eg, asda online or Ebay. Don't need to leave home as shopping is delivered to them. Buy more as they may not have been able to take as much shopping home.
  11. How can Volentary and Pressure Groups help meet the needs of Elderly People?
    1. Socially: Volentary office staff who offer information and adivce on topics like benefits, heating options or healthcare.

    2. Local communities
    organise events for the elderly eg bingo, painting. Helps develop friendships, chance to socialise.

    3. Economically
    by giving money to develop services for elderly people. Offer advice on heating, insulation, benefits.

    4. Politically by acting as pressure groups standing for elderly rights eg abuse or higher pensions. Also carry out research, and investagations which can he used to support campaigns or political parties.
  12. Central government Financial Benefits
    • State Pension
    • Income Support
    • Cold Weather Payment
  13. State Retirement Pension
    Helps to meet the basic needs. eg food, housing. Paid to all aged over 65, but still quite low.
  14. Cold Weather Payment
    • Helps towards extra heating cost when there's cold weather in the area. Paid when temperature is, or is forecast to be below 0oc for over seven days in a row.
    • Helps to contribute towards heating bills for elderly people who may be vulnerable to hypothermia.
  15. Pension Tax Credits
    • If an elderly person has paid tax through working life and saved into some form of pension then they can qualify.
    • Elderly person can pay less tax.
    • This gives a minumum income for pensioners in the UK and encorages savings.
  16. Health and Lifestyle differences
    • Socail inequalities exist between pensioners who had a good job during working life. Able to save for a private pension or occupational pension.
    • More savings, more likely they are to afford healthy food or holidays.
    • Social Class affects health as a pensioner. Rich pensioners tend to be physically and mentally healthier than poorer penisoners.
    • Wealthier pensioners able to afford private healthcare, get treated faster than on the NHS.
  17. Advantages of Community HealthCare
    • Prevents Bed blocking in the hospitals amd beds can be used for people who really need them.
    • Allows elderly people to secure their independance. Tend to be happier in an enviroment they're used to. Good for physical and mental health.
    • Cheaper than 24 hour residential care.
  18. Disadvantages of Community HealthCare
    It doesn't cover everything. Many elderly people pay for care that isn't covered.
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