1. "These girls formed the Brodie Set. That's what they had been called even before the headmistress had given them the name, in scorn, when they had moved from the Junior to the Senior school at the age of twelve."
    • defines elitism
    • in scorn - conflict
    • highlights the start of brodie and mackay's conflict between education viewpoints
    • brodie's favouritism
    • mackay is a reflection of the conservative Marcia Blaine, Brodie reflection of fascism. They conflict themselves.
    • opposed to Brodie from the outset
    • 'crank school'
  2. "She was merely notorious for her small, almost non-existant eyes"
    • Sandy hides daydreams - just like later in book
    • Brodie's predestination
    • Ironic - small eyes have deep insight
    • Brodie's predestination of Sandy ironically plays a part in her own downfall as she underestimates Sandy's power
  3. "Miss Brodie forced her brown eyes to flash as a meaningful accompaniment to her quiet voice... as soon expect Julius Caesar to apply for a job at a crank school as miss Brodie."
    • Sandy admires Brodie's charasmatic qualities to point where she wants to be her - idolises her
    • Parallel to Julius Caesar - foreshadowes
    • Sandy 'Transfigures the Commonplace" something Brodie does to exert power
    • Stage presence
  4. "I shall not apply for a post at a crank school. I shall remain at this education factory... Give me a girl at an impressionable age and she is mine for life."
    • Brodie's lack of self knowledge
    • 'Give... life' only accurate predestination she makes - Sandy in convent
    • Sandy sees danger - leading to betrayal
    • Education factory is Marcia Blaine
  5. "The sound of Miss Brodie's presence, just when it was on the tip of Sandy's tongue to be nice to Mary Macgregor, arrested the urge."
    • Mary- victim of novel. Brodie predestines Mary and she dies young because of her own stupidity
    • Ironically Mary's best days are Brodie days
    • Sandy sees Brodie encouraging others to taunt her, tries to rebel against Brodie's influence
    • Still feels need to obey her even though she knows she is wrong
    • 1st sign of Sangy growing apart from Brodie
    • Thoughts of rebellion hint at future assassination
  6. "All at once, Sandy realised that this was not all theory but a kind of Brodie game"
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