SU Level 5 Chapter 25

  1. 철교
    railroad bridge
  2. 유래하다
    originate; stem from
  3. 내로라하다
    an example of; representative of
  4. 광장
    square; plaza
  5. 아기자기하다
    charming; cute
  6. 경관
  7. 한반도
    the Korean penninsula
  8. 경계
    boundary; border
  9. 자치
  10. 승격
    to elevate; raise the status of
  11. 수립
    establish; establishment; founding
  12. 광복
    restoration of independence to a country
  13. 피난
    to flee; (ex. refugees flee a war-torn country)
  14. 구호하다
    give aid
  15. 전후 복구
    to restore after a war
  16. 선포하다
    declare; proclaim
  17. 초고층
    highest floor
  18. 최첨단
    high tech; cutting edge
  19. 도심
    center of a city
  20. 순위
    ranking; placing
  21. 범죄율
    crime rate
  22. 시설
  23. 녹지
    green belt
  24. 수행하다
    to perform/do a task
  25. 승격
    raise the status of a place
  26. 개명하다
    to change the name of a person
  27. 국경선
    border of a country
  28. 간직하다
    to treasure; to cherish
  29. 기약하다
    to promise
  30. 삼다
    to make (ex. to make her my daughter-in-law)
  31. 이루다
    to achieve/fufill (one's dreams)
  32. 시청하다
    to watch (T.V., news)
  33. 용병 선수
    imported player
  34. 귀화하다
    to be come a naturalized citizen
  35. 상식
    common sense
  36. 창제하다
    to invent
  37. 출제
    set exam questions
  38. 지리
  39. 기원
    origin; beginning; genisis
  40. 한양
    old name of Seoul
  41. 개칭
    to change the name of a place or thing
  42. 도음
    small city
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