Special Tests

  1. GH Instability Test
    • Load and shift
    • Apprehension Test
    • Relocation Test
    • Surprise Test
    • Jerk Test
    • Sulcus Sign
  2. GH Impingement Tests
    • Neer Impingement Test
    • Hawkins-Kennedy Impingement Test
    • Painful Arc Test
  3. SLAP Tear Tests
    • Active Compression Test of O'Brien
    • Anterior Slide Test
    • Biceps Load Test
    • Pain Provocation Test
  4. Labral Tear Tests
    • Labral Crank Test
    • Compression Rotation Test
    • Clunk Test
  5. AC Injury Test
    • Horizontal Adduction Test
    • AC Resisted Extension
  6. Biceps Injury Test
    • Speed's Test (long head tendon)
    • Yergason's Test (transverse humeral ligament integrity)
  7. Rotator Cuff Tests
    Drop Arm Test (supraspinatus)
  8. Subscapularis Integrity Test
    Lift-Off Sign
  9. Supraspinatus Injury Test
    Supraspinatus Test (empty can)
  10. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Tests
    • Roos Test
    • Wright Test
    • Allen Test (Modified Wright)
    • Adson Maneuver
    • Costoclavicular Test
  11. Lateral Epicondylitis Tests
    • Method 1 (Cozen's)
    • Method 2 (Mill's)
    • Method 3 (resisted ext. of 3rd finger)
  12. Valgus Instability/ MCL Tear Test
    • Moving Valgus Stress Test
    • Valgus Ligamentous Instability Test
  13. Varus (LCL) Instability Test
    Ligamentous Instability Test
  14. Medial Epicondylitis Test
    Medial Epicondylitis Test
  15. Elbow Fracture Test
    Elbow Extension Test
  16. Ulnar nerve/ Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Test
    Elbow Flexion Test
  17. Distal Biceps rupture Test
    Biceps Squeeze Test
  18. Ulnar nerve regeneration test
    Tinel's Sign
  19. Ulnar neuropathy tests
    • Pressure Provocation Test
    • Wartenberg's Sign
  20. Median nerve entrapment test
    Pronator Teres Syndrome Test
  21. Anterior Interosseous nerve pathology test
    Pinch Grip Test
  22. TFCC Tear or Triquetral Instability Test
    Ulnomeniscotriquetral Test
  23. Ulnar collateral/ accessory collateral ligament integrity
    Thumb Ulnar Collateral Test (Gamekeeper's or Skier's thumb)
  24. Lunotriquetral Ligament Integrity Test
    Ballottement Test
  25. Thenar atrophy test
    Thenar Atrophy Test
  26. Scaphoid Instability Test
    Watson Scaphoid Shift Test
  27. Scaphoid Fracture Tests
    • Scaphoid Fracture Test
    • Pain with Supination Test
  28. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tests
    • Flick Maneuver
    • Tinel's Sign of the Wrist
    • Phalen's Test (wrist flexion)
    • Reverse Phalen's Test (wrist extension)
    • Carpal Compression Test
    • Two Point Discrimination Test
  29. Fracture of 1st metacarpal or adjacent carpals or joint arthrosis
    Axial Load Test
  30. Thumb tenosynovitis test
    Finkelstein's Test
  31. Radial and ulnar artery integrity test
    Allen's Test
  32. Constant Light Touch test
    Semmes-Weinstein Monofilament Test (Von Frey Test)
  33. Miscellanous Wrist/Hand Tests
    • Ligamentous Instability
    • Murphy's Sign
    • Supination Lift Test
    • Sweater Finger Sign
    • Wrinkle (Shrivel) Test
  34. Medial Knee Instability Test
    Abduction/Valgus Stress Test
  35. Lateral Knee Instability Test
    Adduction/Varus Stress Test
  36. Anterior Knee Instability Tests
    • Lachman Test
    • Anterior Drawer Test
  37. Posterior Knee Instability Tests
    • Posterior Drawer Test
    • Posterior Sag Sign
  38. ACL/PCL Insufficiency Test
    Active Drawer Test
  39. Medial Meniscus Tests
    • Ege's Test
    • Apley's Test
    • McMurray Test
    • Thessaly (Disco) Test
    • Payr's Sign
  40. Lateral Meniscus Tests
    • Ege's Test
    • Apley's Test
    • McMurray Test
    • Thessaly (Disco) Test
    • Dynamic Test
  41. Quadriceps Angle
    Q-angle (Patellofemoral angle)
  42. Patellofemoral Dysfunction Tests
    • Clarke's Sign (Patellar Grind Test)
    • Eccentric Step Test
  43. Patellar tracking test
    Lateral Pull Test
  44. Patellar dislocation test
    Fairbank's Apprehension Test
  45. Quantify midfoot stability
    Navicular Drop Test
  46. Anterior Talofibular Ligament Injury Test
    Anterior Drawer Test
  47. Calcaneofibular ligament tear
    Talar Tilt Test
  48. Syndesmosis tests
    • External Rotation (Kleiger Test)
    • Squeeze Test (Distal tibiofibular compression test)
    • DF Maneuver
  49. Calcaneal/forefoot valgus/varus
    Calcaneal Alignment
  50. Tibial fracture test
    Calcaneal Thump Test????
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