April 11 Study Guide

  1. are divided into lobules and each lobe contains seminiferous lobules (little coiled tubules).
  2. is produced by the interstitial cells of leydig
  3. Essential organs of reproduction are referred to as _____________; testes for male and ovaries for women
  4. is the male gametes with 23 chromosomes
  5. are soft and close once calcified
    Epiphyseal plates
  6. is stimulated by testosterone
    Protein Anabolism
  7. would be from wearing jeans too tight
  8. is a swollen prostate
    Benin Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
  9. has 2 ducts that pass thru the prostate gland and they deliver sperm to the urethra
    Ejaculatory duct
  10. is going to delivers sperm to the Vas deferens
  11. comes from synthetic estrogen in the foods (primarily dairy, cattle, chicken, egg)
    • Estrogen
    • Dominance
  12. is needed when a man gets BPH and they have to urinate but can’t get it out.
    Transurethral Resection
  13. come from stress to the adrenal glands.
    Fatigue adrenals
  14. When sperm count gets below 25 million per mL, it is considered
    functional sterility
  15. deliver sperm to the epididymis which is a tightly coiled tube 20 feet long
    Seminiferous tubules
  16. Prostate also contains
    prostate specific antigen (PSA)
  17. It is a continuation of the exocrine delivery of the sperm
    Seminiferous tubules
  18. This causes muscles to grow and maintain. It promo
    maleness (vocal cords), hair distribution, and male sexual behavior
    Protein Anabolism
  19. At puberty there is a secretion of a molecule called
    androgen binding protein
  20. produce the hormone inhibin which reacts with FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) production
    Sertoli cell
  21. They produce sex cells that are called gametes
  22. Testes are divided into lobules and each lobe contains seminiferous lobules (little coiled tubules). Inside those tubes are
    sertoli cells
  23. The ______________ produce sperm (because it is in a tube it is exocrine)
    Seminiferous tubules
  24. is secreted by the anterior pituitary if the sperm production is too low
  25. These are significant because they only have half the chromosomes
  26. At the beginning of the penis you have the
    bulboureatheral glands
  27. is where vasectomies are performed
    Vas Deferens
  28. Seminal vesicles join the vas deferens just prior to the
    ejaculatory duct
  29. Prostate problems are caused by the prostate forming a _______________ that is looking
    for zinc
    prostatic goiter
  30. They pass thru the inguinal canal as part of the spermatic cord. It is part of the spermatic cord which contains arteries and veins
    Vas deferens
  31. Along the way it helps the development of the sperm and also secretes a small amount of the seminal fluid meaning semen.
    • Seminiferous
    • tubules
  32. secrete an alkaline semi viscous liquid which represents 60% of the semen. The significance of alkaline is the semen has to help neutralize the acid pH of the vagina
    Seminal vesicles
  33. competes with the prostate for zinc
    Cadmium (heavy metal)
  34. Outside the seminiferous tubule there are
    interstitial cells of leydig
  35. They have gone through meiosis or meiotic division
  36. Testosterone is referred to as an ___________ so this protein will bind with the testosterone
  37. When it starts being produced at puberty, it starts closing the epiphysis or the epiphyseal plates (growth plates
  38. is what turns it into cancer
    Estrogen dominance
  39. bulboureatheral glands that secrete an
    alkaline fluid
  40. secretes a watery substance slightly acidic (not enough to overcome the alkaline fluids that it is mixed with) provides about 30% of the seminal fluid
    Prostate gland
  41. Sperm has been produced by the _______________ and matured along the way before
    seminiferous tubules
  42. has a head and a midpiece and a tail
  43. passes thru a small hole in the center of the prostate which can be problematic
  44. This is found in soft drinks, plastics, and polluted air. It sticks where the storage spots for zinc are in the prostate causing swelling
    Cadmium (heavy metal)
  45. contains citrate which is a nutrient for the sperm
    seminal fluid
  46. It also contains fructose which is going to provide energy to the sperm following ejaculation
  47. seminal fluid meaning
  48. It binds to testosterone to increase the concentration to cause normal sperm production
    androgen binding protein
  49. when a male starts into puberty it starts the _____________of growth stages
  50. takes 46 chromosomes and randomly selects some traits or genes which are passed on to the new life
  51. in order to be effective sperm have to undergo a process called
  52. sperm head has a cap on it called a
    acrosome (ramming plate)
  53. are microscopic but fast moving at about 600 mph
  54. The midpiece or the body of the sperm contains the _____________ which will provide the energy
    for the sperm
  55. acrosome (ramming plate) contain __________, which are there to break down the cervical mucus allowing the sperm to pass into the uterus
    hydrolytic enzymes
  56. ____________ of sperm are necessary for fertilization to take place
  57. If an ovum or an egg is present in the uterine tubes, the _____________ will digest the outer covering of the egg so the sperm can penetrate the egg
  58. may decrease the risk of disease or even penile cancer and it will decrease urinary tract infections
  59. Temperature for optimal sperm formation is about ____ degrees Celsius below normal body temperature which is why the testes are on the outside of the body (air cooled)
  60. are painful and sometimes have injuries that occur which could be infection from the procedure or urethral injury. It decreases sexual pleasure
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