Lab 11: Animal Behavior

  1. study of animal behavior
    __ is an animal's response to sensory input and has two categories: __ and __.
    • ethology
    • innate
    • learned
  2. __ place the animal in its most favorable enviornment. In __, the animal moves toward or away from a stimulus. __ is a movement that is random and does not result in orientation with respoect toa stimulus.
    • orientation behaviors
    • taxis
    • kinesis
  3. __ is exhibited when animals respond to each other by aggressive or submissive responses.
    __ may involve compledx serioes of activities that facilitate finding, courting, and mating with a member of the same species.
    • agonistic behavior
    • mating behaviors
  4. What graph might be used?
    independent and dependent variable?
    • bar or line
    • time
    • number of pillbugs moved
  5. How do isopods locate appropriate environments?
  6. What are the five phases of the mating?
    • orientation
    • mating
    • licking
    • attempted copulation
    • copulation
    • renection
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