U.S. Navy Missions and Heritage

  1. Currently, the U.S. Navy has six important missions. What are they?
    • Sea Control,
    • Deterrence,
    • Forward presence,
    • Power projection,
    • Maritime security,
    • Humanitarian assistance and disaster response
  2. Name the Captain, the submarine and the year that the first submarine circumnavigated the earth submerged for the entire voyage (41,500 miles in 83 days).
    Captain Ned Beach, USS Triton, in 1960
  3. Who was the Leiutenant that took a squadran of ships around the world, exploring the Antarctica and vast areas of the Pacific Ocean in the years 1838-1842. His charts of the Pacific served mariners for many decades
    Leiutenant Charles Wilkes
  4. Who was the first man to reach the North Pole and in what year?
    Navy man Robert E. Peary in 1909
  5. Who was the first man to fly over the South Pole and in what year?
    Navy man Richard E. Byrd in 1929
  6. Who took the bathyscaphe Trieste to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, 35,800 feet down (more than 6 1/2 miles beneath the sea) and in what year?
    Lieutenant Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard in 1960
  7. Who was the first American in space?
    Alan Shepard and he was in the Navy at the time
  8. Who was previously in the Navy before he became the first man to walk on the moon?
    Neil Armstrong
  9. The Navy has often led the way or played a crucial role in many realms of scientific and technological development such as.....
    electricity, radio communications, radar technology, computer science, and nuclear engineering
  10. Who worked his way up from cook to master diver, salvaging a nuclear weapon from the depths of the Atlantic and losing a leg in the process?
    Carl Brashear
  11. Who was the most decorated enlisted member? (Having won the Navy Cross, two Silver Stars, the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, three Bronze Stars, the Navy and Marine Commendation Medal, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry and three Purple Hearts)
    Boatswain's mate James Elliot Williams, who as a first-clas petty officer in command of a pair of patrol boats in Vietnam found himself facing an entire enemy regiment. He pressed the attack and killed or captured over 1000 enemy soldiers and destroyed 65 enemy vessels.
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