Ch 19 Govt

  1. What is the largest single component of the American economy?
  2. What type of correlation is there between the amount the U.S. spends on healthcare and the actual health of Americans?
  3. Health Maintenance Organization
    directly provides all/most of a persons healthcare for a yearly fee
  4. What is the relationship between income and insurance?
    Those with a higher income are more likely to be insured.
  5. What is the relationship between race and healthcare?
    Minorities are less likely to have healthcare.
  6. Managed Care
    intended to improve healthcare by focusing on prevention and designating a single doctor as a patients primary care provider
  7. National Health Insurance
    compulsory insurance program to finance all Americans' medical care
  8. Medicaid
    program designed to provide healthcare for the poor
  9. What are the 2 great problems of healthcare policy?
    costs and access
  10. What is the Clean Air Act's "nondegradation" standard?
    insists that you cannot worsen air quality where there is clean air to begin with
  11. Environmental Protection Agency
    charged with administering all the govts environmental legislation
  12. National Environmental Policy Act
    centerpiece of federal environmental policy; established requirements for environmental impact statements
  13. Environmental Impact Statements
    report that specifies the likely environmental impact of a proposed action
  14. Clean Air Act of 1970
    charges the Dept of Transportation with reducing auto emissions
  15. Water Pollution Control Act of 1972
    controlled pollution of the nation's lakes/rivers
  16. Endangered Species Act of 1973
    created an endangered species protection program in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  17. Greenhouse Effect
    occurs when energy from the sun is trapped under the atmosphere and warms the earth
  18. Kyoto Treaty
    requires nations to commit to cutting greenhouse emissions by a certain year
  19. Superfund
    fund to clean up hazardous waste sites
  20. Environmental Racism
    the targeting of unwanted land uses to minority neighborhoods
  21. How has the scope of govt been effected by environmental and healthcare legislation?
    It has grown in response to demands for the govt to be more active in healthcare and environmental concerns.
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