Cases 1

  1. Laid groundwork for 1st amendment
  2. Added jury nullification
  3. included no form of government shall make no law
    Gitlow v. New York
  4. States freedom of speech protected by 14th
    amendment—incorporation doctrine
    Gitlow v. New York
  5. 1st time student had 1st amendmen rights
    Tinker v. Des Moines
  6. Schools can censor if part of curriculum
    Hazelwood v. Kulmeir
  7. Principal right to censor because of illegal drug use
    Morse v. Frederick
  8. Limited first amendment due to censoring of bong hits for jesus
    Morse V. Frederick
  9. Said that censorship was the exception, not the rule
    Near v. Minnesota
  10. The government may exercise prior restraint, specifically when the nation is at war
    or the material in question is obscene or incites violence.
    Near V. Minnesota
  11. Included circulation and distribution, expanded 1st amendment
    Lovell v. Griffin
  12. Government had to prove clear and present danger
    Bradenburg v. Ohio
  13. There has to be some kind of violent act, not just discussions
    Bradenburg V. Ohio
  14. minor victory for the press, for it did little legally to strengthen First Amendmentprotections.
    Pentagon papers
  15. Insiginificant famous case but had prior restraint but government couldn't find any evidence
    Pentagon Papers
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