pt eval a19-a21

  1. xray through a specific plane of the body part to be examined. images appear as narrow slices of the organ body part
    CT- computerized tomography
  2. type of CT scan is indicated to diagnose a pulm embolus
    spiral CT scan
  3. what is the advantages of using MRI over a conventional Xray?
    • tumors
    • involvement of surrounding structures
  4. radioistope (xenon gas) is inhaled and the location of the gas is recorded producing a photographic patter of distribution t/out the lungs
    pulm v/q scans
  5. what is indicated by normal ventilation with abnormal perfusion
    pulm emboli
  6. what are 3 indications for a barium swallow test
    • abnormalities in the hypopharynx
    • esophagus
    • stomach
  7. what is the main indication for bronchography
  8. 2 hazards of a bronchography
    • allergic reaction
    • impairment of ventilation
  9. PET scan would be useful to help diagnose what condition
    • cancer
    • brain disorder
    • heart disease
  10. EEG is indicated to assess activity of the
  11. pulm angiogram is a test indicated to diagnose what pathology?
    pulm embolism
  12. indications of EEG
    • brain tumors
    • epilepsy/seizures
    • sleep disorder
  13. noninvasive method for monitoring cardiac performance
  14. what is the normal range for ICP
    5-10 mmhg
  15. treatment is recommended when ICP incnrease above what level
    >20 mm hg
  16. pressure gradient that determines cerebral perfusion
    CCP cerebral perfusion pressure
  17. what is exhaled nitric oxide NIOX testing use for
    monitor asthma pt response to anti inflam treatment
  18. what does a decrease in pt's FENO level suggest
    decrease airway inflammation
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