Zoo Lec. Tetrapod origins

  1. Lobed fined fishes are known as what class?
  2. Derived early tetrapods had what?
    5 digit limbs & lungs
  3. What assists in terrestril prey capture?
    ventrolateral bending of neck, atlas vertebrea
  4. Why did vertebrates move to land?
    to get food sources
  5. Caecilians belong to what order & class?
    • Order Gymnophiona
    • Class Amphibia
  6. What are some characteriatis of caecilians (or Apoda)?
    limbless, worm-like, fossorial or aquatic
  7. Salamanders belong to what order & class?
    • Order Urodela
    • class amphibia
  8. What are some characteristics of salamanders or Urodela?
    4 limbs & tail
  9. frogs & toads belong to what order and class?
    • Order Anura
    • Class Amphibia
  10. What are some characteristics of frogs or other Anura?
    tailess & carnivorous as adults, herbivorous as tadpoles
  11. Having an operculum-columnella & moist skin is a synapomorphy or what ?
    Class amphibia
  12. what is direct development?
    when an organism skips several stages of morphosis and goes straight to the adult stage
  13. How do Amphibians accomplish respiration?
    Via lungs, gills & skin
  14. what are two characteristics of amphibian skin?
    Protection via poison glands, Secretion via mucous glands to keep skin moist & respiration
  15. In amphibians what keeps pulmonary & systemic blood seperated?
    spiral valve
  16. Why do amphibians have vocal cords, where are they & how do they work?
    males have them to aid in reproduction, they are in the larynx, vocal sac are resonating chambers
  17. The columnella is a bone modified from the ______, a ________.
    hyomandibula, gill support
  18. Why are amphibians disappearing?
    Habitat destruction, pesticides, & global warming & spread of chytrid fungus
  19. What fungus attacks the protien keratin in amphibians?
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