CCNA 4 Chapter 3

  1. Why would one use Frame Relay in the first place?
    PRICE and FLEXIBILITY are the reaspms large enterprises, governments, ISPs and small businesses.
  2. Frame Relay reduces network _____ by using ______ equipment, less ______ and easier implementation.
    Frame Relay reduces network COST by using LESS equipment, less COMPLEXITY and easier implementation.
  3. Frame Relat provides ______ bandwidth, _______, and resiliency than _____ or ______ lines.
    Frame Relat provides GREATER bandwidth, RELIABILITY, and resiliency than PRIVATE or LEASED lines.
  4. Define dedicated line.
    Communications line that is indefinitely reserved for transmissions, rather than switch as transmission is required.
  5. Define PVC
    Permanent vitrual circuits, a local path along an originating Frame Relay linke, through the network, and alng a terminating Frame Relay link to its ultimate destination.
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CCNA 4 Chapter 3
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