chapter 7

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  1. estopped
    prevented from asserting a right or a defense
  2. no-fault grounds
    reasons for granting a divorce that do not require proof that either spouse committed marital wrongs
  3. pro se
    on one's own behalf; not using an attorney
  4. "quicke" divorce
    a declaration by the court that a marriage has bee dissolved
  5. subject matter jurisdiction
    the power of the court to hear a particular category or kind of case
  6. arbitration
    process of submitting a dispute to a third party outside the judicial system
  7. mediation
    process of submitting a dispute to a third party
  8. personal property
    movable property
  9. qualified domestic relations order
    a court order that allows a nonemployee to reach pension benefits of an employee
  10. real property
    land and anything permanently attatched to land
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