Geography-Rural land resources-Poole harbour conflicts and solutions

  1. Poole harbour users
    • There are about 18 different users within poole harbour and 4000 boats using the harbour at peak times.
    • oil drilling and service boats opparate between the islands
    • poole is a commercial port with cross channel ferries to cherbourg
    • An aquatic management plan where different water uses are zoned and quiet areas are encouraged
    • Assumes that all users will stick to the zoning regulations
    • Who manages/polices it costly solution
    • Educates the public on the benefits of zoning
  2. Watersports - birdwatching
    • A range of watersports takes place here as well as bird watching, angling and wildfowl shooting
    • Encourage small boats and windsurfers to go out to sea rather than stay in the harbour
    • Management schemes assume that people will adhere to the rules
  3. development
    • More developments will increase threats to the natural enviroment
    • Regular management meeting of interested parties such as local councils, Poole harbour commisioners and conservation groups.
    • Potentially very effective beacause all groups are represented. however it is very diffiicult to get full agreement.
  4. Moorings
    • Leisure sport boats and yachts have moorings located in the harbour
    • Build more marinas which are safer than swinging moorings e.g. the proposed marina at Fisherman's dock
    • Marina's are a costly situation and may spoil scenenic areas.
    • Fees may increase which may put visiters off.
  5. Studland heath
    • 20,000 visitors can be on Studland beach on a hot summer's day
    • Bring people into Studland on ferries from nearby towns.
    • Try to set up a poop scoop scheme to stop dogs fouling the beaches
    • Place litter bins on paths and back of beaches and increase number of toilets
    • Stops some traffic congestion although costs money for ferries
    • Poop scoop scheme make people use bins and the bins reduce rubbish. Although they may attract animals
    • Decreased use of dunes as toilets helps environment although toilets need to be evenly spaced
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Geography-Rural land resources-Poole harbour conflicts and solutions
Geography-Rural land resources-Poole harbour conflicts and solutions