My Time for ESWS up (Dang)

  1. What are the main components of the MAIN ENGINE?
    • -High Pressure Turbine
    • -Low Pressure Turbine
    • -Main Reduction Gear
    • -Ahead Throttle Valve
    • -Astem Throttle Valve
    • -Main Condenser
  2. What is the function of the HP Turbine? Where is it located?
    • To convert thermal energy of steam into mechanical energy to propel the ship through the water.
    • Also used for ahead operation. Turbine used to rotate the shaft in order to move the ship in a fwd direction.
    • Located in the engineroom upper level starboard side
  3. What is the function of the LP Turbine? Where is it located?
    • To convert thermal energy of steam into mechanical energy. Used for astern operation.
    • Turbine used to rotate the shaft in order to move the ship in the astern direction
    • Located in the upper level engineroom starboard side
  4. What is the function of the Main Reduction Gear?
    To convert high speed of turbines into low speed required for efficient propulsion.
  5. What is the function of the Ahead Throttle Valve?
    To control ahead speed by varying the number of nozzle valves that are opened.
  6. What is the function of the Astern Throttle Valve?
    To control astern steam flow.
  7. What does the Main Condenser do?
    • The Main Condenser is a heat exchanger that cools the steam after it leaves the LP turbine.
    • It is the start of the condensation phase of the basic steam cycle.
  8. How does the Main Components of Main Engine work together to achieve the system's function?
    • Steam is admitted into propulsion turbines through nozzle valves via ahead/astern throttle valves.
    • The thermal energy of the steam is converted into mechanical energy by the HP/LP turbines.
    • The propulsion turbines are attached to a reduction gear to convert the high rotational speed of the turbines into a lower more efficient speed for the propeller.
  9. What are the Major Components of the Emergency Diesel Generator?
    • Intake Air system
    • Fuel System
    • Lube Oil System
    • Governor system
    • Jacket Cooling Water System
    • Start Air System
    • Cycle of Operation
  10. What type of of Diesel generators do we have?
    • 3500B Series Engines, Caterpillar
    • ONE- 3516B (SSDG)
    • TWO-3508B (EDG's)
  11. What are the SSDG, SSTG, EDGs' used for?
    • Support C5I and Combat, as generators for electricity.
    • EDG is for emergencies only, when the SSDG/SSTGs' can not support electrical load. They start automatically on electrical loss of power.
  12. Which major component of the EDG is twin turbo charged?
    Intake Air Sytem
  13. Describe the Fuel System inregards to the EDG.
    • Gravity Fed, Electronically controlled injection system.
    • SSDG- F76 fuel type only
    • EDG- JP5 or F76, due to the alignment capability
    • Fuel is tested for clear and bright
  14. What is BS&W? What is the maximum BS&W percentage?
    • The test that is ran if Fuel Oil fails Clear and Bright test.
    • Bottom Sediment and Water
    • Max BS&W %= .1%
  15. Describe the Lube Oil System.
    2104 tested as 9250 once it is in the engine for a max of 5% fuel oil dilution and/or 40% thickening
  16. What does 2104 stand for in the 2104 test?
    2000= the 2000 series and 104= viscosity
  17. What component of the EDG is electronically controlled by the electronic control module?
    • Lube Oil System
    • The ECM controls RPMs and the timing and duration of injectors
    • Also monitors fault codes/alarms
  18. Describe the Jacket Cooling System.
    • It is a closed loop of distilled water, treated with NALCOL 2000 (Corrosion Inhibitor- not an antifreeze).
    • Has 2 separate J/W cooling systems- One is for the diesel itself and one is for the aftercooler.
    • S/W cools J/W, J/W cools L/O, J/W and L/O cool the engine. Lube Oil also lubricates
  19. Start Air System Description.
    Electrically started/Stopped by the ECM cutting signals to the injectors when ordered.
  20. What is cycle of operations for the 4 Stroke Diesel Engine?
    • Intake
    • Compression
    • Expansion
    • Exhaust
  21. Where are # 1 & 2 AC&R plants located?
    Number 1 & 2- located- AC Machinery Room #1 and Refrigeration Machinery Room (7-40-0-E)- FWD AC.
  22. Where are # 5 & 6 AC&R plants located?
    AFT AC- Pump Room #3 and AC Machinery Room #2 (7-109-2-E.
  23. Where are # 3 & 4 AC&R shops located?
    MID AC- AC Machinery Room #2 (7-64-2-E)
  24. Describe the AC&R plants.
    • 250 ton Single-Stage Centrifugal Chilled Water AC plants
    • Type of refrigerant- 236fa
  25. How many AC&R plants do we have onboard?
  26. How many Refrigeration Compression Units do we have onboard?
    2- Located in AC Machinery Room #1 and Refrigeration Machinery Room (7-40-0-E) FWD AC
  27. What are the Refrigeration Compressors used for?
    to maintain the chill boxes and freezer box for food storage.
  28. Describe the Refrigeration Compressors.
    • 2 -eight ton reciprocating Compressors
    • Uses R-134a for refrigerant
  29. What is the purpose of the major component compressors inregards to AC&R?
    essentially a pump that keeps the refrigerant circulating while maintaining the required pressure of the system.
  30. What is the purpose of the major component Chill Water Pump inregards to AC&R?
    Circulates and maintains a constant pressure in the closed chill water system.
  31. What is the purpose of the major component Condenser inregards to AC&R?
    the condenser receives the high pressure, high temperature vapor from the discharge side of the compressor. In the condenser, the refrigerant vapor flows around the tubes through which seawater is flowing. As the vapor gives up its superheat to the seawater, the temperature of the vapor drops to the condensing point. The refrigerant the changes to a liquid and is subcooled slightly below its condensing point. This is done at the existing pressure to ensure that the liquid refrigerant will not flash into vapor.
  32. What is the purpose of the major component receiver inregards to AC&R?
    • Acts as a temporary storage space and surge tank for the liquid refrigerant.
    • Also serves as a vapor seal to keep vapor out of the liquid line to the expansion valve.
  33. What is the purpose of the major component freeze box inregards to AC&R?
    • Used in the preservation of ship's stores, operating parameters are between -3deg F and 2deg F
    • Located in Freeze storeroom.
  34. What is the purpose of the major component chillboxes inregards to AC&R?
    • Used in the preservation of ship's stores, operating parameters are between 33deg and 38deg Fahreinhiet.
    • Locations- Chill Storeroom/Vegetable Box and the Chill Storeroom.Dairy Box
  35. What is the purpose of the major component Thermal Expansion Valve inregards to AC&R?
    Regulates the amount of refrigerant to the cooling coils and changes for a high-pressure, high temperature liquid to low pressure, low temperature vapor. The amount of refrigerant needed depends on the temperature of the space being cooled.
  36. What type of Marine Sanitation Device do we have onboard?
    CHT- Collection, Holding, and Transfer System
  37. describe collection inregards to CHT.
    the collection element consists of the soil/waste drain lines, diverter valves, and the comminutors. Soil (black water) consists of urinals and commodes. Waste (gray water) consists of deep sinks, sinks, showers, deck drains, laundry, sculleries, and galleys.
  38. What is the purpose of the diverter valve?
    • diverts soil and waste lines into the CHT tanks or overboard.
    • Located- GSK, MARCOMDET berthings, and Emergency switch gear #2.
  39. Describe the Holding portion of CHT.
    consists of the holding tanks, aeration system, tank level indicators, and alarm system.
  40. How many Holding tanks for CHT do we have? How many gallons can they hold? Total?
    • We have four Holding tanks for CHT.
    • 2 FWD- 7,690 gallons each
    • 2 AFT- 11,772 gallons each
    • Total gallons- 38,924 gallons
  41. What is the purpose of the aeration systems?
    to supply continuous supply of air into the CHT tanks to prevent the contents from becoming anaerobic and also keeps solids in suspension.
  42. Where are the aeration systems located?
    • #1 & 2 are located in FWD AC
    • #3 & 4 are located in the engineroom lower level
  43. Describe the Tank Level Indicators inregards CHT?
    • Each CHT tank has four censors inside the tank electrically connected to the CHT pump motor controller panel.
    • These censors operate the CHT sewage ejection pumps when the CHT Pump Motor Controller Panel is placed in the AUTO position
  44. Describe the ALARM SYSTEM.
    • High Level (tank level is 85%)
    • Location: FWD/AFT censor- DCC
    • Location: FWD censor- FWD Pumproom
    • Location: AFT censor- Engineroom
  45. What is H2S? Where are the H2S alarms located?
    • Hydrogen Sulfide Gas.
    • censors are located in the proximity of the CHT sewage ejection pumps to detect H2S gas in the event of a sewage spillage.
  46. What are three modes of CHT?
    • INPORT Mode- all soil/waste drains are diverted to the tank position
    • TRANSIT Mode- Soil/waste drains are diverted to the overboard.
    • AT SEA Mode- all soil/waste drains are diverted to the overboard
  47. What is the normal pressure of HP Air System?
    • 3,000 PSI +
    • Provides HP air to the EDG, and also may be alligned to the HP reducers to provide LP air during adnormal conditions.
  48. Describe the Low Pressure Air System/
    • Pressure of 125 PSI or less.
    • Provides vital/non-vital LP air to equipment.
    • Vital air allows remote control of the Engineering plant, such as the Automatic Boiler Controls system (ABC), steam reducers, and main steam stop valves.
    • Non-vital air- pneumatic tools, and laundry.
  49. What is the purpose of the High Pressure Air Compressor?
    • Produce high pressure air through the use of two ingersoll-Rand, oil free, Five stage HP compressor- lower level engineroom
    • Electrically driven.
  50. What is the purpose of the Low Pressure Air Compressor?
    • Produce LP air through the use of four Ricks Two-Stage, oil free, LP compressor- #1 located lower level engineroom starboard side.
    • #2 located upper level starboard side
    • #3 located lower level center line
    • #4 located lower level portside.
  51. What is the purpose of the fuel oil lab?
    • For the purity of the main boiler
    • Conductivity
    • Chloride
    • Phosphates
  52. What is the minimum flash point for fuel?
    130degrees Fahreinheit
  53. When is the Emergency Feed Pump used?
    • When no steam is available/restricted manuevering/lighting off.
    • 825PSI out.
  54. What is the fuel used for the propulsion boilers?
    What is it's flashpoint?
    F76- flashpoint 140degrees Fahreinhiet
  55. What equipment is JP5 used for?
    EDGs, Helos; Small boats (Rhibs), P100, etc.
  56. What is the purpose of the Fuel Oil Service System?
    Provides fuel from the service tanks to the ships propulsio n boilers.
  57. What is the purpose of the Fuel Oil Simplex Strainers?
    • Removes free sediment from the fuel oil service system prior to entering the boiler located in the fireroom
    • We have 2 onboard.
  58. What does the fuel oil service pumps do?
    • Take suction on F/O service tanks.
    • Provide fuel at 400PSI to the F/O header for use in the propulsion boiler.
  59. What does the F/O transfer system do?
    • Filling of storage tanks, transfers fuel between storage tanks, transfers fuel from storage tanks to service tanks
    • Defuels the ships
    • We have 4 onboard 500GPM/250GPM
    • #2,3,4 located in lower level fireroom portside
    • 1 located FWD pumproom
  60. Which round is used to deceive missile IR Tracking?
    MK-245 Giant
  61. How many IFF modes are there?

    What are the 5 modes of IFF?

    What does IFF stand for?
    There are five modes

    Mode 1, 2, 3, 4, C

    Identification Friend or Foe
  62. Where is the ship's anchor windlass located?
    3rd deck forward before the paint locker.
  63. How many standard mooring lines does the USS Blue Ridge use?
  64. What type of mooring lines does the BLR have?
    Four Strand Aremid
  65. What is a bollard?
    a strong cylinder upright on a pier, where mooring lines are placed
  66. What type of life rafts are onboard?
  67. Name signaling devices in each life raft.
    • Signal Mirror
    • Flares
    • Distress Marker Light
    • Radio Beacon
    • Dye Marker
    • Radar Reflector
  68. What
  69. What are the two ways to release the life rafts?
    Manually and Hydrostatically
  70. How many people can each lift raft hold?
  71. How many life rafts are onboard?
  72. Name survival gear in each life raft.
    • Patch Kill
    • Air Pump
    • Water/Food
    • Motion Sickness Pills
    • Desalinization Reverse Osmosis Pump
    • Fishing Tackle
    • Sea Anchor
  73. Who gives the order to abandon ship?
    The Commanding Officer
  74. What is a chock?
    Heavy fitting with smooth surfaces through which mooring lines are led.
  75. How is line measured?
    By Circumference
  76. What is the replenishment flag and what are its colors?

    Red/Yellow Cross
  77. What does ROMEO at the dip of the approach ship indicate?
    Making preparations to come alongside
  78. What flag does the Guide Ship fly and what are the colors?

    Yellow/Blue Stripes
  79. Why is knowing the temperature of the water important when abandon ship is announced?
    Cold water- hypothermia

    Warm water- Sharks
  80. What is the difference between the capstan and the wildcat?
    The capstan handles mooring lines

    The wildcat engage the anchorchain
  81. What
  82. What information is passed over the 1MC during abandon ship?
    • Magnetic bearing to land
    • Distance to land
    • Friend or Foe
    • Temp of water
  83. How is wire rope measured?
    By Diameter
  84. What mooring lines are in the forecastle?
    Lines 1,2,3
  85. What mooring lines are in aft mooring?
    Lines 8 & 9
  86. What lines are asssociated with:
    Mooring Station one/two
    Mooring Station three/four
    Mooring Station five/six
    Mooring Station seven/eight
    • line 4
    • line 5
    • line 6
    • line 7
  87. What is a cleat?
    a device consisting of a double-ended pair of projecting horns used for belaying a line or wire.
  88. What
  89. special purpose does mooring station 7/8 serve?
    They are the pilot embarkation/debarkation stations
  90. What are bitts?
    Are two heavy vertical cylinders used to secure
  91. What
  92. What is the size of the anchor chain?

    What is the anchor chain made of?
    3.5 inches

  93. What is the SPA-25/50?

    What is its purpose?

    Has the ability to track surface and air contacts
  94. What does HERO stand for?
    Hazardous Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordinance
  95. What has a maximum range of 2,000yds and the discharge 550RPM?
    50 Caliber
  96. Which of the following have total magazine 1550 rounds and discharge of 4,500 RPM?
    Close In Weapons System
  97. What is BLR Navigation radar?
  98. Define SONAR
    Sound Navigation and Ranging
  99. How many SPA-25 consoles do we have and where are they located?
    • 5
    • 1 & 2 are on the bridge

    3-5 are in the CIC
  100. What are the 5 modes of IFF?
    • Mode 1- Mission/Country
    • Mode 2- Military Personal Identification (PIF)
    • Mode 3- Military Commercial Selected Identification (SIF)
    • Mode 4- Military Only
    • Mode C- Altitude
  101. What is the weight of the anchor?
  102. What type of anchor does the USS BLR have?
    Navy Standard Stockless anchor
  103. What are the 3 uses of the anchor?
    • Mooring to a buoy
    • Towing
    • Anchoring the ship
  104. What is the name and color of the second to last shot?
    Caution Shot- Yellow
  105. How many shots are in the anchor chain?
  106. What flag is flown when divers are in the water?
    Code Alpha
  107. What device does a pelican hook have?
    A quick release device that can be open under strain.
  108. What does UB stand for?
    Utility Boat
  109. Name some positions on the RHIB?
    • Boat Officer
    • Coxswain
    • Engineman
    • Rescue Swimmer
  110. What UNREP stations are used for highline transfer?
    3 & 4 highline transfer
  111. Where is the bull nose?
    FWD end of forecastle
  112. What flag is for handling explosives, ammo + refueling, or gun fire?
  113. What flag is for another ship coming alongside?
  114. What is the wildcat used for?
    Lifting + breraking anchor chain
  115. How long is a shot?
    15 Fathoms or 90ft
  116. What is the name of the first shot?
  117. What is the color pattern of the anchor chain?
    Red white and blue
  118. What is the flag for mooring/anchoring?
  119. What is meant by hawser?
    Any line 5" in circumference
  120. What is the wildcat?
    the device that forms parts of the anchor windls. Engage the chain allowing the windls to take in or let out chain.
  121. What is a turn buckle?
    device used to adjust the length of chain stoppers or standing rigging.
  122. What is the hawsd pipe?
    large pip through which the anchor chain runs from the forecastle through the side of the ship.
  123. What size are the mooring lines we have onboard?
  124. What is the Papa Flag?
    General recall
  125. Describe amber deck?
    • Helo is engaging /disengaging rotors.
    • Ship is limited to maneuvering
  126. What UPREP station can receive JP-5?
  127. What flag is flown during HERO conditions?
  128. What flag is flight ops
  129. What is the bull nose?
    a close chock at the bowl of the ship
  130. What UNREP stations are the portable king post at?
    5-6 portable king post
  131. What is the last shot referred to?
    Warning shot. Red
  132. What is the ship's length, beam, and draft?
    • 643ft-length
    • 108ft-Beam
    • 29.6ft-Draft
  133. How many boat davits do we have?
    • 4
    • 2port
    • 2starboard
  134. What UNREP stations are the fixed padeyes located?
    3 & 4 fixed padeyes
  135. What is the primary surface search radar?



    • Low Flying Detection
    • Antiship Missiles

  136. What is the range of SPS-40 & 63?
    SPS-40: Early warning air search MTI-Moving Target Indicator. LFDM- Low Flying Detection Mode. 200nm

    SPS-63: 90nm
  137. Name the types of chaff we have onboard.
    MK-214: Seduction

    MK-216: Distraction

    MK-245: GIANT
  138. What does SRBOC stand for?
    Super Rapid Blooming Onboard Chaff
  139. How many ways is there to steer the ship?
  140. What weapon requires a 4 man crew to fire.
  141. What is the max range of the SPS-40 radar?
  142. What onboard the blr use 400Hz electricity?
    • Gyro Compass
    • Fire Control Systems
  143. What machine gun has a magazine box type of 100 rounds per box?
    50 Caliber
  144. What is a hang fire?
    A delay in firing after the trigger has been pulled.
  145. What is a misfire?
    When firing sequence is initiated but does not fire
  146. What is the BLRs primary search radar?
  147. What is used as BLRs navigation radar?
  148. What is the primary mission of the CIC?
    To collect, process, display, evaluate and disseminate tactical information
  149. Regarding the mission of fire control, What are the 5 D's?
    • Dectection
    • Direction
    • Delivery
    • Destruction
  150. What gun has an effective range of 2700 yds and fires at 175rpm?
  151. What gun has an effective range of 2,000yds and fires at 550rpm?
    50 Caliber
  152. What
  153. What are the two modes of operation for the SLQ-32(v)?
    Passive- (Bearing only)

    Active- (Electronic Jamming)
  154. What piece of equipment is manned by the CTT's during underway?
    SLQ-32(v)- Detects and counters threat emitters
  155. What does RLGN stand for?
    Ring Laser Gyro Navigator
  156. What is a hot gun?
    A predetermined amount of rounds fired in a predetermined amount of time that could cause the barrel to heat up enough to cause a cook off
  157. What type of rounds does the CIWS use?
    20mm Tunsten Alloy
  158. What does TACAN stand for?

    What are its nicknames?
    Tactical Air Navigation

  159. what are the modes of TACAN?
    Normal- Continuously sends bearing/range

    Demand- has to be challenged to send bearing/ranging
  160. Name the 4 types of radar?
    • Air
    • Surface
    • Navigation
    • Fire Control
  161. What does the acronym TLAM and RLGN stand for?
    Tomahawk Land attack missile

    Ring Laser Gyro Navigator
  162. Is TLAM considered a warfare?
  163. What is the total magazine and rpm of the CIWS?

  164. What does DDRT stand for?
    Digital Dead Reckoning Tracer
  165. What is the purpose of the RLGN?
    Supplies navigation data ( lat/long, velocity, heading, pitch/roll) to the satellite systems and weapon systems.
  166. How many types of radars does the CIWS have and what are the types?
    • 2
    • Tracking

  167. How long is a fathom?
  168. How many fathoms are in a standard shot anchor chain?
    15 fathoms
  169. What is the purpose of the SPS-67?

    Antiship missile
  170. What does ASG stand for?
    Afloat Shopping Guide
  171. What two systems are capable of receiving IFF?
    • SPS-40
    • SPS-67
  172. How digits are in a NSN?
    13 digits
  173. What is Blue Ridge primary surface radar?
  174. What does IFF stand for?

    How many modes?
    Identification Friend or Foe

    5 Modes
  175. What is the harpoon?
    Fire and forget

    Anti-ship cruise missile
  176. What is the tomahawk?
    TLAM- Tomahawk land Attack

    TASM- Tomahawk Anti-ship Missile
  177. What is the firing rate of the 50 caliber?

    Maximum effective Range?

    Maximum Range?


  178. Which round would be used before missile lock on?
    MK-216 Distraction
  179. What is the difference of 2D and 3D radars?
    2D- provides range/bearing

    • 3D- provides range/bearing and altitute
    • ***Fire Control is always 3D
  180. How many rounds of chaff do we have onboard?
  181. What is the purpose of Fire Control?
    To place ordinance on target on time
  182. What is the pupose of the ship's system?

    Ship's weapon's system?
    Detecting incoming targets-ship's radar

    Fending off or destroying any enemy contacts
  183. What are magazine safety precautions?
    No belt buckles, No covers, Battle dress at all times, No spark-producing items, and No horse play.
  184. What is the purpose of the SPS-40?
    Early warning air search- 2D

    • Moving Target Indicator (MTI)
    • Low Flyer Detection Mode (LFDM)
  185. What does RADAR/ SONAR stand for?
    Radio detection and Ranging

    Sound Navigation and Ranging
  186. Where are the two 25mm mounts located?
    Port & Starboard of superstructure
  187. What is Amber deck?
    Helo is starting/stopping engines; engaging/disengaging rotors
  188. What is green deck?
    Launch/Recovery in progress. Ship can not maneuver
  189. What is the S.G.S.I?

    Where is it?
    Stabilized Guide Slope Indicator- Red, Green, and amber directional lights that gives the pilot a visual reference to proper height and direction of the flight deck

    Located - back of the miser tower
  190. Which mooring lines are in aft mooring?
    8 and 9
  191. What day shape does a ship at anchorage fly?
    One black ball
  192. What are the two stoppers that hold the anchor chain in place?
    Riding and hawsing stoppers
  193. What is the purpose and color scheme fo the phone and distance line?
    • Go Read Your Book With Glass
    • Green Red Yellow Blue White and Green, etc

    Measures the distance between two ships while along side and is used for comminications between two ships while alongside.
  194. What type of Helo do we embark?

    What are its missions?

    • Search and Rescue
    • VertRep
    • VBSS (Visit Board Search Seizure)
  195. What are the two types of CONREP?
    • RAS ( Replenishment at Sea)
    • FAS (Fuel at Sea)
  196. What connects shots of anchor chain together?
    Detachable Links
  197. How many standard mooring lines does the BLR have?
  198. Where is the chain locker located?
    Below Master At Arms Office
  199. What are the signal devices in each life raft?
    Signal Mirror, Flares, Distress Marker Light, Radio Beacon, Dye Marker, Radar Reflector
  200. What is a cleat?
    A device consisting of a double ended pair of projecting horns used for belaying a line/wire.
  201. What is the replenishment flag?


    Red/Yellow Cross
  202. What does Romeo closed up on the approach/control ship indicate?
    I am commencing approach

    I am ready for your approach
  203. Where can you find the wildcat?

    What is the wildcat used for?

    Used to walk the anchor chain up/down
  204. What is a chock?
    A heavy fitting with smooth surfaces through which mooring lines are led
  205. What are bitts?
    Two heavy vertical cylinders used to secure mooring lines
  206. What survival gear can be found in a life raft?
    Patch kit, Air pump, water, food, food, Motion sickness pills, Desalinization reverse osmosis pump, fishing tackle, sea anchor
  207. Where is the anchor windlass located?
    3rd deck forward before the paint locker
  208. What is a bollard?
    A strong cylindrical upright on a pier, over which the eye or bite of a ships mooring lines are placed
  209. What does Romeo at the dip of the approach ship indicate?

    Control ship?
    Making preps to come alongside

    Am steady on course and speed and am prepping to receive you on side indicated
  210. What is a dutch bollard?
    A single bitt attached to the side of a ship
  211. What are the UNREP positions and helmet colors?
    • OIC/Safety Officer- White
    • Rig Captain- yellow
    • Rigger- Blue
    • Phone Talker- Green
    • HM- White/Red Cross
    • Fuels- Purple
    • Gunners Mate- Red
  212. What are the positions on the anchor chain?
    • POIC
    • Riggers (2)
    • Brakeman (2)
    • Operator
    • Phone Talker(2)
  213. Name the parts of the chain stopper.
    • Turnbuckle
    • Pelican Hook
    • Shackle
    • Pad Eye
  214. Sequence for Launching RHIB
    • Man boat deck and establish comms
    • conduct safety brief, muster crew, permission to put boat in water, Boat at rail, embark crew, stop at water edge and start engine, lower to water, when water bourne release hook, cast off aft/fwd steading lines, drive upon sea painter and cast off
  215. What type of flight deck do we have?
    Dual Oblique
  216. What are the types of UNREPS?
  217. What UNREP station has portable king posts?
    5 & 6 main deck STBD side
  218. What do the acronyms STREAM and SURF stand for?
    Standard Tension Replenishment Alongside Method

    Standard Underway Replenishment Fixture
  219. What UNREP stations are for Fixed padeyes?
    3 & 4
  220. Where are the Port and STBD running lights?
    Port = Red

    STBD = Green
  221. What UNREP stations can receive JP-5?
  222. Which UNREP station can be used for highline transfer?
    3 & 4
  223. What flag does the guide ship fly and colors?
    Golf/Yellow-Blue Stripes
  224. When is the Hotel flag flown?
    Helo Ops
  225. When is the oscar flag flown?
    Man overboard
  226. What type of life rafts do we own?
  227. Who is on the anchor detail?
    • Safety Observer
    • POIC
    • Riggers
    • Brakeman
    • Operator
    • Phone Talker
  228. What is located under the MA shack?
    The Chain Locker
  229. What is the 11th shot called?
    The warning shot is called the caution shot (yellow).
  230. What is the 12th shot called and what is its colors?
    The danger shot (red)
  231. How many shots are in the anchor chain?
  232. How many SRBOC launchers do we have?

    Where are they located?
    • 4
    • Port/STBD
    • FWD/AFT
  233. Which round would be used to deceive missiles with IR tracking?
    MK 245- GIANT
  234. What is the Navy'd Birthday?
  235. What
  236. What led to the formation of the US Navy?
    • Great Britain's costly war with France.
    • Taxation without proper representation
  237. What was the first ship named after an enlisted man?
    • USS Osmund Ingram
    • First man to die during WWI OCT1917
  238. Hand Salute origination?

    Hand Salute?
    When armored men raised their helmet visor so they could be identified

    Salute the ensign coming and leaving ship, when passing the national ensign being carried, uncased in military formation
  239. What is the third substitute?
    CO's Absentee Pennant
  240. What is the second substitute?
    COS's Absentee pennant
  241. Who is the CHENG?
    LCDR Morrison
  242. Who is the MPA?
    LT Hanson
  243. Who is the DCA?
    LT Belemonte
  244. Who is the Secretary of Defense?
    Robert Gates
  245. State the importance of planning to Naval Operations?
    Military flexibility demands a capability to conduct short notice Crisis planning when necessary.
  246. What is the first substitute?
    Admiral's Pennant
  247. What is the signal for emergency break away?
    5 Short blasts of ship's whistle by the CO of receiving ship
  248. Who is the SECNAV?
    Raymond Mabus
  249. Who is the FLT Masterchief?

    7th FLT Masterchief?
    Masterchief Minyard

    Masterchief Schoeppy
  250. What is the OPNAVINST 5100.19E?
    Occupational Safety and Health Manual
  251. Who Safety Officer?
    LCDR Ehring
  252. Who is the CSO?
  253. Who is the BLR DAPA?
    ETC Trival
  254. Who is the EMO?
    LT Tovar
  255. Who is the 3MC?
    ENCM Barcega
  256. Which ship on the water front flies the SOPA?
    Highest ranking officer
  257. State the mission of Naval Logistics.
    Successful global response to contingencies depends upon our ability to operate in peacetime and war time, whenever and where ever our national interests demands.
  258. Where are load centers 21/22/44 located?`
    Portside mess line
  259. Where are load centers 43A and 43B located?
  260. Name 2 degaussing coils?
    • A-coil
    • M-coil
    • FT-QI
    • RP QP
  261. What does ABT stand for?
    Automatic Bus Transfer
  262. Name one type of ABT.
    Power Seeking

    Manual Seeking
  263. Where is load center 33 located?
    Mid AC, below photo lab
  264. How many ship service generators are there?
    • 4
    • 1A SSTG
    • 1B SSTG
    • 1C SSTG
    • SSDG
  265. Where is load center 61 located?
    below the STBD aft quarterdeck
  266. Where is load center 23 located?
    FWD A/C
  267. Where is load center 11 located?
    Next to repair 2
  268. Where are load centers 32A and 32B located?
  269. Where are load centers 41/42 located?
    Below port aft Quarterdeck
  270. What is the name of the mode that the system starts in when a fatal error is detected?
  271. Navigate is a mode of operations for the RLGN that provides reduced accurancy position and velocity data.

  272. What is the name of the auxiliary functio that will force a recalibration of the RLGN?
  273. What are the 3 states of alignment the RLGN cycles through during a dockside alignment?
    • ALIGN
    • ALIGN-C
    • ALIGN-F
  274. What is the name of the filter used for storing the calibration data?
    Kalman Filter
  275. What power does the RLGN require as a synchro reference voltage?
    115VAC, 400Hz
  276. What is the name of the channel for data logging to the RCDU?
    Super Channel
  277. What does the term RCDU stand for?
    Remote control display unit
  278. What are the three align modes the RLGN can use for alignment?
    Slave, At-sea, and dockside
  279. How long is a default alignment when prior calibration data exists?
    20 hrs
  280. How many RLG's are there in the RLGN?
  281. The RLGN can receive an input from ____or_____ to determined accurate ship's position, velocity, heading, roll pitch
    1. Underwater log

    2. GPS (NAVSSI)
  282. The WSN-7 RLGN can accept what input power?
    • 1. 115VAC, 400Hz
    • 2. 115VAC, 60Hz
    • 3. 115VAC, 50Hz
  283. What is the voltage of the backup battery in the RLGN?
  284. What is the maximum time the battery will provide power in the event of a main power loss?
    30 mins
  285. What does the term IMU stand for?
    Inertial Measuring Unit
  286. The RLGN can provide what inputs to its users?
    Pitch, roll, heading, latitude & Longitude, and velocity
  287. The calibration cycle on the AN/WSN-7 takes how long to complete if no prior calibration data is saved on the system?
  288. What gyro navigation does the BLR have?
    AN/WSN-7 (v) RLGN

    We have two- FWD/AFT IC shop
  289. What does the term RLGN stand for?
    Ring Laser Gyro Navigator
  290. How many SRBOC tubes are there per launcher?
  291. Where can the SRBOC be fired from?
    CIC & Pilot House
  292. What is a hangfire?
    Delay in firing after the firing sequence is initated
  293. What is a misfire?
    Does not fire after the firing sequence is initiated
  294. What is a hot gun?
    When a predetermined amount of rounds are fired in a predetermined amount of time that could cause the barrel & chamber to heat up enough to cause a cook off
  295. What is the max range of the 25mm Chain Gun?
    4.1 miles
  296. How is the 25mm Machine gun powered?
    24V power supply
  297. What does SRBOC stand for?
    Super Rapid Blooming Off-ship Chaff
  298. How many SRBOC launchers are there, where are they located?

    • 2 Port
    • 2 Starboard
  299. What is the max effective range of the 50 cal machine gun?
  300. What is the max range of the 50 cal machine gun?
  301. Where are the 25mm chain guns located?
    On the Main deck forward of the superstructure port and stbd
  302. How many 50cal machine guns are located onboard?
    • 6
    • Maindeck 3 Starboard /3 Port
  303. Name the personnel that are required to fire the 40mm saluting battery.
    • 4
    • Loader
    • Shooter
    • Timer/Counter
    • Safety Observer
  304. Where are the 40mm located?
    Port and starboard (Next to the signal bridge)
  305. What is the approximate range CIWS can accurately shoot a target?
    1 mile
  306. What type of ammo is used for the CIWS?
    20mm Tungsten Alloy
  307. How many Navigational radar does the blr have?
    1-Furuno 96nm
  308. How many surface radar does the Blue Ridge have?
    • SPS-67
    • Range 30-105nm
    • Short and long range mode
  309. What air search radar do we have?
    • SPS-40
    • 184nm
  310. What is the purpose of CSOOW?
    Responsible to the CSO the proper operation and restoration of all combat system equipment
  311. Where is CSOOW?
  312. Name the safety precautions that are used for entering a magazine.
    • Remove belt/buckle
    • No horse playing
    • No covers
    • No spark producing objects
  313. How many magazines are there onboard?
    • 7
    • FWD CIWS, AFT CIWS, 25mm, 40mm, Pyrotechnics, Demolition, Small Arms
  314. Which magazine does not have a sprinkler system?
    Pyrotechnics Magazine
  315. What flag is flown for HERO?
  316. Where are the 2 CIWS located?
    • 01 level FWD
    • 2nd deck AFT
  317. How many radars does CIWS have?
    • 2
    • Search and Track Radar
  318. Where can the CIWS be fired from?
    • From each mount
    • From the CIC (Remote Control Panel)
  319. What is function of the underwater log?
    • Ship's speed in knots
    • Distance traveled data to a variety of user systems and remote indicators
  320. What is the other name for the pitsword?
  321. Where is the rodmeter located?
    FWD AC (below the messdecks)
  322. Describe the rodmeter
    6ft in length. Narrow rod. Fiberglass tip with 2 bottons (manel) and 4.5ft of rod is lowered into the water to determine the ship's speed/distance traveling through the water
  323. What is the purpose of the Indicator Transmitter?
    Receives input from the rodmeter and converts the signal into speed and distance, then transmits it to the FWD main IC switchboard. The speed input to the switchboard sends it to repeaters and equipment that requires a speed input.
  324. Where is the Indicator Transmitter located?
    FWD IC Shop
  325. What is RCU?
    Remote Control Unit. Controls the speed setting on the Indicator Transmitter from a remote shipboard location. A switch on the unit allows the operator to increase/decrease settings when ownship speed is being estimated from shaft speed
  326. How many modes of operation does the WSN-8 have?
    The WSN-8 (Underwater Log) has 7 modes of operation.
  327. What are the 7 modes of operation for the WSN-8 (underwater log)?
    Underwater, Calibration, Manual Dummy, Remote Dummy, (BIT-Built in Test), Configuration, and Status check mode
  328. What is the normal mode of operation of the WSN-8 while underway?
    Underwater mode
  329. What is the WSN-8's mode of operation while entering port?
    Remote the Dummy log- Backup to the Rod meter and used when the rodmeter is not active
  330. What is the main purpose of the Sea Valve?
    is mounted in the hull of the ship and provides a water tight support through which the rodmeter protrudes. It also seals the ships hull when rodmeter is removed
  331. What is the CIC's primarry mission?
    To collect, process, display, evaluate and disseminate tactical information.
  332. Who is responsible for organizing, training the CIC team, operating and maintaining CIC, COs tactical plot, radar room, and electronic warfare room?
    The CICO ( Combat Information Center Officer)
  333. Who is the COs representative for tactical employment and for ship's defense?
    TAO- Tactical Action Officer
  334. What does TACAN stand for?
    Tactical Air Navigation- beacons used to aid aircraft in locatiing the ship by providing bearing and range
  335. On every ship, where is the TACAN located?
    At the highest point of the Superstructure
  336. What colors are the port and stbd running lights?
    • Port- Red
    • STBD-Green
  337. What is the AN/SLQ-25a used for?
    Anti-torpedo defense. Torpedo countermeasures
  338. What equipment is manned by the CTT's when underway?
    SLQ-32a v3- Anti-ship missile defense ASMD
  339. What are the 3 main electronic functions of the SLQ-32?
    ES, EA, EP
  340. What are the 2 sides of operation of the SLQ-32?
    Passive- Range and bearing only

    Active- Electronic Jamming
  341. How many different rounds of chaff do we have onboard?
    • 3- MK 214 SEDUCTION
    • MK245 GIANT
  342. Which round would be used before missile lockon?
    MK216 Distraction
  343. Which round would be used to deceive missiles with IR tracking?
    245 Giant
  344. What are the two angles of tubes on teh SRBOC launchers?
    • 45 degrees
    • 60 degrees
  345. Which angle can the MK216 be fired from?
    45 degrees
  346. What flag is for handling ammo?
  347. What flag is for personnel aloft?
  348. What flag is for the approach phase of underway replenishment?
  349. What flag is for divers in the water?
  350. What flag is for helo operations?
  351. What flag is for general recall?
  352. What flag is for man overboard?
  353. What is the AN/SPA-25H used as?
    Radar repeater
  354. How many AN/SPA-25H do we have onboard?
    • 5
    • 3-CIC
    • 2 Bridge
  355. What is BLR primary surface search radar?
  356. What is our primary air search radar?
  357. What is our primary navigational radar?
  358. What does DDRT stand for?
    Digital Dead Reckoning Tracer- to keep a drawn out log of BLR and all other contacts movements, and to measure true winds
  359. Define Operational Order.
    Issued by commander for the coordinated execution of an operation in the immediate futer. Doesnt normally contain assumptions
  360. Define Operational Plan.
    Used for operations extending over a considerable time/area. May contain assumptions
  361. Define Operational Tasking
    Specific tasking depending on the type of operations being conducted
  362. What is a task force?
    Component of a fleet, there can be as many as 10 forces in a fleet.
  363. What is a strategic plot?
    Large area, theatre level, own and enemy forces
  364. What are the 5 conditions of emmission control?
    • Alpha- No emissions, not modifiable
    • Alpha1- Same as alpha but modifiable
    • Bravo- used for satellite vunerability
    • Charlie- more restrictive than delta/high interest
    • Delta- least restrictive, used for normal ops
  365. What is the mission of a CVN?
    Power Projection- Provide air support and sea control
  366. What start up mode allows for a system to run a confidence test?
    Test mode
  367. What type of refrigerant do we use onboard?
  368. What does EDVR stand for?
    Enlisted Distribution Verification Report
  369. What did the battle of Midway show us?
    The turning point of the Pacific war
  370. What was significant about the Great White Fleet?
    Demonstrated growing American military power
  371. What was significant about the Battle of Guadalcanal?
    The Sullivan brothers- they all died at the same command, now immediate family members cannot be stationed at the same command
  372. Battle of Leyte Gulf/
    War in the Pacific coming to an end
  373. Battlr of Normandy.
    Largest amphibious operation in History 6/61944
  374. Battle of Coral Sea.
    First Aircraft to Aircraft battle -aircraft
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