Niamh Cullen Geography Summer

  1. What is a settlement?
    A settlement is a place were people live. It can be small as a hamlet or large as a city.
  2. How does a settlement grow?
    For a settlement to grow there had to be a special reason why it should be built in the first place. This is called a function.
  3. What are the 4 main functions?
    • Market
    • Industry
    • Port
    • Resort
  4. What is a market?
    Markets are places were farmers buy and sell their crops. eg Ballycastle
  5. What is an Industry?
    Industries have factories, large buildings and manufactured goods. eg Belfast (Ship building.)
  6. What is a Port?
    Imports goods from other countries, it is located near the sea and also exports. eg Larne.
  7. What is a resort?
    People go on holiday here, usually has a beach and other attractions too. Tourists go here. eg Portrush.
  8. What is a site?
    A site is the actual place where a town or village grows up
  9. What is a settlement pattern?
    The shape of a settlement, the shape is influenced by the surrounding area.
  10. 3 types of Settlement Pattern?
    • Linear
    • Nucleated
    • Dispersed
  11. What is Linear?
    Buildings in a line.
  12. What is Nucleated?
    A cluster of buildings.
  13. What is Dispersed?
    Spread out buildings.
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