medic drugs test 4

  1. Asperin
    • [1)Acetylsalicylic Acid 2)Alka-Seltzer 3)Bayer 4)Empirin 5)St. Joseph Children's] 1)Analgesic 2)Antipyretic 3)Platelet Inhibitor 4)Antiinflammatory
    • Des: 1)inhibits agents that cause production of a)inflammation b)pain c)fever 2)relieves mild to moderate pain by acting on the PNS 3)lowers body temperature in fever 4)powerfully inhibits platelet aggregation.
    • Ind: Chest pain suggestive of an MI.
    • CI: 1)hypersensitivity to salicylates 2)active ulcer disease 3)asthma.
    • PC: bleeding disorders
    • Dose: 160 to 325 mg PO (chewable)
  2. Dextrose 50% in Water
    • (D50W)/Carbohydrate
    • Des: simple sugar body can rapidly metabolize to create energy
    • Ind: hypoglycemia
    • CI: none in hypoglycemia
    • PC: 1)increased ICP 2)determine blood glucose level before administration 3)ensure good venous access
    • Dose: 25g D50W (50 mL) IV. Ped: 2mL/kg of a 25% solution IV.
  3. Furosemide
    • (Lasix) Diuretic
    • Des: 1)rapid-acting 2)potent diuretic 3)antihypertensive 4)inhibits sodium reabsorption by the kidney 5)vasodilating effects reduce venous return & cardiac workload.
    • Ind: 1)congestive heart failure 2)pulmonary edema.
    • CI: hypotension
    • PC: 1)hepatic impairment 2)nephrotic syndrome 3)cardiogenic shock associated w/ acute MI 4)gout 5)PTs receiving digitalis or potassium-depleting steroids.
    • Dose: 40-120 mg slow IV. Ped: 1 mg/kg slow IV
  4. Nitroglycerin
    • (Nitrostat) Nitrate
    • Des: 1)rapid smooth muscle relaxant 2)reduces peripheral vascular resistance, BP, venous return, & cardiac workload
    • Ind: 1)chest pain associated w/ angina & acute myocardial infarction, 2)acute pulmonary edema.
    • CI: 1)hypersensitivity 2)tolerance to nitrates 3)severe anemia 4)head trauma 5)hypotension 6)increased ICP 7)PTs taking sildenafil 8)glaucoma 9)shock
    • PC: 1)may induce servere headache 2)nitroglycerin is light sensitive & will lose potency when exposed to the air.
    • Dose: 1 tablet (0.4 mg) SL. May be repeated 3-5 min up to 3 tablets, or 1⁄2 inch of topical ointment, or 0.4 mg (one spray)SL up to 3 sprays/25 min.
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