Common French Verbs Conjugated

  1. I = Je We=Nous
    You=Tu You all/ You Formal =Vous*
    He/She=Il/Elle They = Ils/Elles
    * Use for anyone you don't know well or show respect to-if you are a kid talking to other kids or an adult talking to younger kids you generally always use 'tu' .

    I also apoligise for lack of accents (i'm on an American computer)
  2. Avoir
    To Have
  3. I Have
  4. I will have
  5. I had
    J'ai eu
  6. You have
    Tu as
  7. He/She/It has
    Il/Elle a
  8. You will have.
    Tu auras
  9. She/He/It will have
    Il/Elle aura
  10. He/She/It had
    Il/Elle a eu
  11. You had
    Tu as eu
  12. We have
    Nous avons
  13. We had.
    Nous avons eu.
  14. We will have.
    Nous aurons.
  15. They had.
    Ils/Elles ont
  16. They will have.
    Ils/Elles auront.
  17. They have.
    Ils/Elles ont.
  18. You all have.
    Vous avez.
  19. You all will have.
    Vous aurez.
  20. You all had.
    Vous avez eu.
  21. Être -
    To Be
  22. I am.
    Je suis.
  23. They were.
    Ils/Elles ont été.
  24. You all will be .
    Vous serez.
  25. You will be.
    Tu seras.
  26. They are.
    Ils/Elles sont.
  27. He/She/It will be.
    Il/Elle a été.
  28. She/He/It is
    Il/Elle est
  29. You are
    Tu es
  30. We were
    Nous avons ete (sorry about not having accents)
  31. I will be
    Je serai
  32. I was
    J'ai ete
  33. We are
    Nous sommes
  34. You were
    Tu as ete
  35. We will be
    Nous serons
  36. You all will be
    Vous serez
  37. You all were
    Vous avez ete
  38. They will be
    ils/elles seront
  39. She/he/it will be
    Elle/Il sera
  40. Faire =To do,to make
  41. I do/make
    Je fais
  42. You will make/do
    Tu feras
  43. You all did/make
    Vous avez fait
  44. We did/make
    Nous avons fait
  45. You make/do
    Tu fais
  46. I will do/make
    Je ferai
  47. You all do/make
    Vous faites
  48. They do/make
    Ils/elles font
  49. She/He/It do/make
    Il/Elles fait
  50. She/He/It will make/do
    Il/Elle fera
  51. They made/did
    Ils/Elles ont fait
  52. I did/made
    J'ai fait
  53. You did/made
    Tu as fait
  54. You all will make/do
    Vous ferez
  55. We will make/do
    Nous ferons
  56. They will make/do
    Elles/Ils Feront
  57. She/He/It made/did
    Elle/Il a fait
  58. We make/do
    Nous faisons
  59. She/He/It will make/do
    Elle/Il fera
  60. Devoir
    • To have to, must, should, owe (Also used as a noun for work (j'ai des
    • devoirs-I have homework)
  61. I have to
    Je dois
  62. You will have to
    Tu devras
  63. You all had to
    Vous avez du
  64. We have to
    Nous devons
  65. They will have to
    Ils/Elles ont du
  66. She/He/It has to
    Elle/Il doit
  67. I will have to
    Je devrai
  68. You had to
    Tu as du
  69. We had to
    Nous avons du
  70. You have to
    Tu dois
  71. You all will have to
    Vous devrez
  72. We will have to
    Nous devrons
  73. I had to
    J'ai du
  74. They have to
    Elles/Ils doivent
  75. She/He/It had to
    Elle/Il a du
  76. They will have to
    Elles/Ils devront
  77. She/He/It will have to
    Elle/Il devra
  78. You all have to
    Vous devez
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