Word of the Day

  1. Sentient (adjective)
    Able to perceive by the senses; conscious, aware

    We were sentient of the danger posed by the approaching hurricane.
  2. Urbane (adjective)
    Notably polite or polished in manner

    She is a nice and urbane person.
  3. Regale (verb)
    To give pleasure or amusement to

    He regaled his children with stories of his time in morocco
  4. waggish (adjective)
    roguishly or mischeivously merry; playful

    a waggish disposition that often got him into trouble as a child.
  5. volatility (adjective)
    given to explosiveness; highly unstable

    The stock market can be very volatile
  6. fidgety (adjective)
    • making unnecessary fuss: fussy
    • Synonyms:antsy or squirmy

    I get to fidgety to sit after a few minutes in the waiting room.
  7. wanderlust (noun)
    strong impulse or desire to move about; wander, travel

    Wanderlust has led him to many different parts of the world.
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