Bone Mineral Homeostasis

  1. Parathyroid hormone release is increased when serum calcium levels are increased or decreased?
  2. Calcitonin levels are increased when serum calcium levels are increased or decreased?
  3. Which answer is NOT correct:
    Calcitriol is:

    B. It is also known as 1,25 (OH)2 -Vitamin D3
  4. Which is true:

  5. Calcitriol does NOT act by:

  6. Calcitonin does not act on the following location:

  7. Which of the following causes of osteoporosis is NOT correct:

    A. increasing PTH causes bone demineralization
  8. Osteoporosis can occur in the following populations:

  9. The main target for osteoporosis treatment is on:

  10. Osteoporosis can be treated with all of the following EXCEPT:

    E. can be treated with PTH as low, intermittent doses
  11. Hypocalcemia can be caused by the following EXCEPT:

    C. can by caused by hypoparathyroidism. causes a decrease in PTH and an increase in phosphate
  12. Treatment of hypocalcemia can theoretically be targeted to the following locations EXCEPT:

    E. All can theoretically be targets for treatment
  13. Calcium supplements which are given orally include all of the following EXCEPT:

    A. This is only given IV because it is very irritating to the GI tract
  14. T or F: Vit D supplement as given along side of calcium supplements to treat hypocalcemia.
    T. They help the absorption of Ca
  15. Which of the following statement concerning hypercalcemia is false:

    B. caused by hyperparathyroidism- tumors or hyperplasia of glands
  16. Which of the following methods are NOT used to treat hypercalcemia:

    A. Could use calcitonin to decrease bone resorption instead
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