1. Security Objectives
    goals an organization strives to achieve through its security efforts.
  2. 3 Primary Security Objectives
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Availability
  3. Confidentiality
    the protection against unauthorized access, while providing authorized users access to resources without obstruction. Ensures that data is not intentionally or unintentionally disclosed to anyone without a valid need to know
  4. Integrity
    the protection against unauthorized changes, while allowing for authorized changes performed by authorized users. Ensures that data reamin consistent, both internally and externally. Integrity also protects against accidents and hacker modification by malicious code.
  5. Availability
    is the protection against downtime, loss of data, and blocked access, while providing consistent uptime, protecting data, and supporting authorized access to resources. Ensures that users can get their work done in a timely manner with access to the proper resources
  6. Authentication
    the proof or verification of a user's identity before granting access to a secured area
  7. Authorization
    controlling what users are allowed and not allowed to do. also known as access control
  8. DAC
    Discretionary Access Control
  9. MAC
    Mandatory Access Control
  10. RBAC
    Role-Based Access Control
  11. Non-Repudiation
    the security service that prevents a user from being able to deny having performed an action. For example, it prevents a sender from denying having sent a message. Services provided by Auditing and Public-Key Cyrptography
  12. Privacy
    protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personally identifiable or sensitive data. Privacy prevents unauthorized watching and monitoring of users and employees
  13. Asset
    anything used to conduct business over a computer network
  14. 7 Domains of a Typical IT Infrastructure
    • User Domain
    • Workstation Domain
    • LAN Domain
    • LAN-to-WAN Domain
    • WAN Domain
    • System/Application Domain
    • Remote Access Domain
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