1. What is the original gold standard drug of choice?
  2. Which 2 drugs is malarone made of?
    Atovaquone and proguanil
  3. How do you dose malarone?
    once daily.
  4. How often do you take Mefloquine?
    once weekly.
  5. What are contraindications to Mefloquine?
    Hx of (depression, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia) seizures, cardiac conduction abnormalities
  6. What can mefloquine do to the heart?
    Prolong the QT interval.
  7. Which drug can cause hemolytic anemia in those w/ G6PD?
  8. What is the brand name of mefloquine?
  9. What's the most effective mosquito repellent?
  10. What is the insecticide you can use on cloting and sleeping bags?
  11. What are the 3 drugs of choice for prevention of malaria, and the 1 alternative?
    • CHOICE: Malarone, Mefloquine, Doxycycline
    • Alternative: Primaquine.

    *Use chloroquine phosphate for chloroquine-sensitive areas
  12. What drug is made of wormwood?
  13. What are the 2 synthetic derivatives of Artemisin?
    Artesunate and Artemether
  14. How many clinical cases of malaria are there per year in the world?
    350-500 million
  15. What is the most common Plasmodium species?
    P. falciparum, which is also the most dangerous.
  16. How does Plasmodium falciparum block blood vessels?
    By forming RBC membrane knobs which causes RBCs to clump together--> hypoxia
  17. What is the 2nd most common form of malaria?
    P. vivax
  18. Which 2 malaria strains do not have a carrier stage?
    P. falciparum and P.malariae
  19. Which is the only strain of malaria that can affect RBCs of all ages?
    P. falciparum
  20. Sickle cell disease and trait allow protection to which malaria species?
    Only P. falciparum
  21. What are 2 potentital serious complications of malaria?
    Blackwater fever & cerebral malaria.
  22. What are the 3 classic stages of the febrile attacks of malaria.
    • 1) "Cold stage" 15min-1 hr before fever
    • 2) "Hot stage"- 39-41oC (w/ anorexia, arthralgia)
    • 3) "Sweating stage" within 2-6 hrs. no more fever, sleepy
  23. Blackwater fever has which 2 characteristic manifestations?
    jaundice & hemoglobinuria (dark urine)
  24. When should chemoprophylaxis start and end?
    Start 2 weeks before departure, until 4 weeks after return
  25. How do you diagnosis malaria?
    • Gold std: blood smear
    • Others: ELISA, PCR
  26. Which is the only drug that stops the malaria in the liver?
  27. When is it best to get a blood smear for P. falciparum? For the others?
    • P. falciparum: right after fever peak.
    • Others: any time.
  28. What are the thick and thin blood smears done to detect?
    • Thick: presence of Plasmodium
    • Thin: the species.
  29. What % parasitemia is a medical emergency?
  30. Which malaria drug has shown to cause retinal damage?
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