abnormal psych

  1. deviation, distress, disfunctional
    the three D's
  2. obsession
    reocuring thoughts cant cant be controlled
  3. compulsion
    reocuring behaviors that cant be controlled
  4. disorder
    when the thoughts and behaviors affect your daily life
  5. binging, purging, fasting
    bulimia's characteristics
  6. vomit, laxatives, excessive exercise
    ways to purge
  7. anorexia
    aversion to weight gain
  8. sadness
    sleep patterns
    loss in interest
    eating patterns
    major depression
  9. seasonal affective dissorder
    major depression that comes and goes with winter
  10. post partum depression
    looks like major depression after the birth of a child
  11. manic depression
    bipolar disorder
  12. lithium
    used to medicat bipolar
  13. st johns wort
    herbal supplement
  14. SAMe
    nutritional supplement; a hormone naturally occuring in the body
  15. light therapy
    to treat seasonal depression
  16. area 25 stimulation
    last resort for major depression; pacemaker in the brain
  17. schizophrenia
    most severe dissorder, problem with cognition
  18. hallucinations, affect, dillusions, salad, movement, functioning, attention
    heckmann always does so many fun activities
  19. dillusions
    a belief even though there is no evidence to support it
  20. hallucinations
    perceptions w/o stimulation
  21. word salad
    the syntax is all wrong, using real words in the wrong places or for the wrong reasons
  22. catatonic, undifferentiated, paranoid, in-remission, disorganized
  23. catatonic
    without movement
  24. undifferentiated
    cant decide which symptom is most prominant
  25. double-bind theory
    during development a child is constantly given conflicting messages; theory for schizo
  26. diathesis stress hypothesis
    a person may have a predisposition for schizo, like a genetic marker, but a stressor is needed to trigger it
  27. DSM-IV TR
    the current system of diagnosis and classification
  28. generalized anxiety disorder
    when one feels constantly tense and uneasy for no reason
  29. panic disorder
    whn someone experiences sudden episodes of intense terror, pain and fear
  30. phobias
    a persistent and irrational fear
  31. post traumatic stress disorder
    • having haunting memories, nightmares, social withdrawls anxiety and insominia from a past trauma.
    • lasts for a month or more after event
  32. dissociative disorders
    • disturbance in conscious experience
    • psychogenetic amnesia
    • psychogenic fugue
    • multiple personalities
  33. psychogenic amnesia
    loss of identity, may not know who they are, where they live or work, who theyr family/friends are
  34. psychogenic fugue
    amnesia plus the creation of a new life with no memory of the previous life; lasts for days or decades
  35. dissociative identity dissorder
    multiple personalities disorder
  36. inattention
    three main symptoms of ADHD
  37. norepinephrin
    happy hormones
  38. stable, global, internal
    explanatory style of a depressed person
  39. delusions, hallucinations, inappropriate emotions/behavior
    three most common schizo symptoms
  40. excess dopamine, impaired glutamete, low frontal lobe activity, hyperactive thalamus, shrunken brain tissue, larger ventricles
    schizo brain
  41. alcohol is discovered
    stage 1 alcoholism
  42. alcohol becomes a drug that should be hidden
    stage 2 alcoholism
  43. drink compulsively all day long
    stage 3 alcoholism
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