P.E- Chapter 1- Socio-ecological Model

  1. What is the socio-ecological model
    • Combination of individual, social, environmental and policy level strategies to change P.A levels in the individual
    • Can be used to critique governmental and non-governmental P.A stratgeies
  2. What are the four core principles of the social-ecological model
    • 1-Multiple factors influence heath behaviours
    • 2-Environments are multidimensional and complex
    • 3-Human/environmental interactions can be described at varying levels of organisation
    • 4- The interrelationships between people and the environment are dynamic (ever changing)
  3. What are the four levels of the socio-ecological model
    • Individual- knowledge, attitude, skills, age, gender, education, soci-economic status, self-efficacy and employment status
    • Social Environment- Family, peers, institutions and organisations, cultural backgrounds and health professionals
    • Physical Environment- weather, geography, access/availability to exercise facilities, traffic, public transport
    • Policy- relating to active transport, health, urban planning, workplace and environment
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P.E- Chapter 1- Socio-ecological Model
P.E- Chapter 1- Socio-ecological Model